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    Star Wars (Games / Movies / TV Series / Archives Data - "Definitely, Duh"), 007/Bourne's film Series, Stargate (Film, SG-1 & Atlantis), Metal Gear / Modern Warfare / Uncharted Series (Video Game), Batman, Playstation: (3, 4, VITA & PSP: I own them), アニメ & マンガ (Translation: Anime & Manga), Zombies Apocalypse: Game/Comic/TV/Movies (Original Only, No Remake) & Real (Prepare in case of Emergency as a survivor), Clash of Clans, ebay (selling like new/old stuff.), Travel alone Vacation (Japan & Canada)

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    Empire City Garrison

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  1. Continue with the operation; you may fire when ready...

  2. !!! FIRE, Orbital Strike !!!

  3. Drag race with a AT-AT or AT-ST cause wreck of fun havoc, LOL...