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    Yeah, it's definitely going to change what we do going forward either way as more and more films are added to the eras we have already established.


    As for this costume in particular, I can't imagine how or where we would get more information on the ensemble. Unless there is some behind the scenes shot down the road with some super special deluxe edition DVD, we're probably at the end of the road in terms of enough information about the costume itself. At this point it's just a question of whether we want to do anything with it as a Detachment or not.

    Oh, I think it should definitely be an option. Just my 2 cents, but an IN Security Officer sounds reasonable. That and establishing it as a possible R1 variant could work as well. I know a lot of our members are excited about this and the Officer coat option. It makes sense as well that as more movies come out, more costumes and variants are going to come into play. We are going to have to do the best we can to keep up with them.

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  2. .....also, the larger buttoned rank bar would be used as well being a R1 variant. These things could also be requirements for Level 2, which would be cool. Give our members something to strive for.

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  3. Just a thought:  when referring to the officer as a "Captain" it seems he utilized the US Army/Marine Corps equivalent to the the Navy Lieutenant.  Not to read into it too much, but could it be in the realm of possibility that I.N. Troopers are a bit like U.S. Marines?


    That's along the lines of my thought as well. In our own military, there are matching ranks that are different in the different divisions. A set of captains bars in our US army is a Lieutenant in the navy. Just a thought and agreement. Also, being R1, as stated, the belt boxes are smaller and also, the code cylinders would have a silver clip on them.



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  4. Name : Donald DeMeester

    501st ID : 73168

    Nicename: Don

    IOC Boardname : DonnyD68

    Garrison : Northeast Remnant Garrison


    ANH Scanning Crew

    Imperial Hat  

    For level two certification (if applicable):


    • Code disk has a notch on the outermost disk





    Grey Imperial Flight Suit

    For level two certification (if applicable):

    • All pocket flaps to have chevron point.






















    For level two certification (if applicable):

    • Belt is made of leather.
    • Snap is worn to the left of the wearer.
    • Buckle has a slight horizontal curve.





    For level two certification (if applicable):

    • Boots are made of leather.




    Summary of L2 requirements:

    • ANH: No gloves. Has 2 code cylinders, 2 vertical belt boxes, and the alternate style compad.









    I hope I meet the requirements and thank you for your time and consideration.

  5. 1 hour ago, Ruthar said:

    I imagine this is a simple addition to "Optional Accessories" for the Navy Trooper - rank bars and code cylinders. Then, when/if we apply for Level 2 and 3, the correct combinations will need to be met just as all our other officers.


    In terms of straight vs. jodhpur, I would imagine jodhpur for this combination considering the rank and cylinders (Staff Officer with a helmet, basically). Unfortunately, only a behind-the-scenes photo will tell for this one.



    I agree with it being an option, and a cool one at that for a R! IN. As for the pants, that's a tough one, and I see your point, which makes sense. I am thinking though that we did not see IN's with Jodhpurs until ESB. I would think the IN officers in R1 would have the straight leg pants like the ones in ANH. Especially since this takes place right before that. Tough call on that. Maybe once the bluray comes out we can see better.


    Thanks for the pics as well Kris. I can do 4 blue today if I get around to it.

  6. Hey I have the same star destroyer you have there but you actually added stronger internal lights. It also has sound effects like the distress Claxton siren, engine, main battery cannons. Gave it to my 8 year old.  Yours looks awesome. 

    Thank you. Mine is silent and I went a little light happy. I would love to do another one someday.

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  7. It will be a while before I get to Life Debt. One quarter of the way through Rogue One, but had a busy weekend so no reading was accomplished. I read Aftermath when it first came out and now cannot remember the story. Ugh!

  8. It is a lot easier now though since everything going forward is considered cannon. I was never able to keep up with the "Legends" books because so many were released at once. If you fell behind then, you were done. I have read most of the new books, I have them all for the most part. I keep kicking the thought of reading Ashoka around. Supposedly it is a kids book, but it seems like it might be interesting.

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