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  1. I can't wait. Bring the Hubby this time  and it will be his first celebration as this year it was just me who got to go. Couldn't find anymore to take care of the kids aka Horses. So can't wait to kidnap the Hubby and go on an adventure.  Hoping he will have his officer done in time for Cocktails. 

    Hoping the Canadian Garrison can bring our sets back to the next Celebration. Canadian sets where a surprising  hit this year at Celebration. Lines ups where crazy long. So glad to be able to share our sets and especially our Throne. Which got a lot of love over the weekend and more signatures from Guests.  


  2. If your interested in Thrawn  armour. There is a person who makes the armour. R2D2 Props. They made my Governor Pryce armour and then we changed the front. Something to look up if you are interested in 3d print armour.  

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