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  1. I was talking to PhiloProps on Etsy about my build and he said he was doing complete belts!

    On 1/11/2017 at 4:38 AM, DarthFunk83 said:

    For the belt, there are a few places. My usual place is TiggWolf Creations (you can find them on FB), but lately there has been some communication issues between her and customers, and the wait times are VERY long. WampaWear is another place to get a full belt with minimal wait time. If you want to make your own, they also sell just the buckle. PhiloProps on Etsy also sells just the buckle.


    Hats are a bit harder. If you order from CosplaySky, Id recommend ordering an extra yard of fabric to patch the olive-green. Its very difficult to match on your own. Then, with that, you can either find someone local and commission them to make one for you (there are patterns here on the forums). If not, you might be able to talk to MKate21 here on the forum (she has a website called Molli Makes) to make one for you. You could send her the fabric (or she might already have CosplaySky  fabric), and do it that way. Last, but its a long shot, is One Stop Officer Shop. They used to make hats made out of CosplaySky fabric, but they've stopped taking orders. However, they've said that "if they get bored" they might do a run or two. So you can look them up on FB and follow them to see if they do a run (but its a long shot).

  2. 1 minute ago, PArmstr said:

    The black tunics that were worn by the officers in ANH were borrowed form Bermans. Those tunics were originally used in the British movie Fahrenheit 451 from 1966. The movie was based on the novel Fahrenheit 451 from 1953.

    Thank you, That's very interesting 

  3. 14 hours ago, PArmstr said:

    Here is the warrant officer that is wearing a Fahrenheit 451 tunic and riding boots.



    He is the same stuntman that falls when this officer gets shot.



    I have a question! I have seen "Fahrenheit 451" being using in reference to tunics in various threads! What does it mean?

  4. 12 minutes ago, PArmstr said:

    That could be the case. I have actually finished my first version of a uniform. I made it for a Rogue One event in 2016. Unfortunately, it is not approvable. The tunic has princess seams in the front to accommodate my large bust. The skirt part is also too short. I will rework the pattern so that I can use it for the mess uniform.


    Well I'm impressed approvable or not! The skills that people have in the legion is truly fantastic.

  5. Just now, PArmstr said:

    Thanks. I have been researching the tunics that were used in ANH for almost four years now. I really like that style of uniforms. I hope that I will sew well enough someday to get one of these tunics approved by the GMOs of my Garrison. They are very picky when it comes to these uniforms so I will have to practice some more. :-)

    Your's is probably miles ahead of mine! 


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