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  1. As a GML a member of my Garrison submitted a light brown coloured holster for clearance with their Staff Officer. I am not aware of any light brown holsters being used in the original trilogy, and I have spent a lot of time studying the Officer uniforms. 

    I believe a simple change to the CRL to clarify the colour of the holster would aid costumers, and suppliers to have more accurate holsters.




    Picky I know, but people will use any loop hole to justify inaccurate costume choices.


  2. Liam,

    That's a great looking uniform you have there.


    The colour does look a little more brown than I would expect, it should be more of the green side of olive. But I feel you've done such a great job and it does look olive in the indoor photo's I'm prepared to 'go with it'.


    The popper on your belt appears to be too fair aware from the buckle, this is the sort of thing you should be aiming for:



    The cap looks good, but it should sit a little further back on your head, at an angle.



    So a couple of minor dressing things, and probably a new belt - you're not going to be able to move the popper without leaving a mark, and we should be good to go.


  3. Dallas,

    Essentially the Executor program uses the level 2 requirements as a base, ensures the uniform is a nice fit, and accessories are to a good standard. It's an optional program that allows members to showcase their uniform which is a cut above the base clearance requirements, showing an increased attention to detail. Imperator takes this a step further, encouraging members to emulate what's seen on the screen to a higher level.


    We, the command staff, have reviewed the compad and whilst it is up to a good standard, the accuracy is not up to the level we require for the Executor program. The compad shown should have 4 rectangular buttons along the edge. The compad in this submission may have four buttons, but two of them are circular and not rectangular. Sadly at this level we do not believe it is accurate enough.



    We would also encourage people to paint their compad to match the configuration seen in the film. For Imperator level, we would encourage people to consider ABS vac formed compads as they were what was used in the film. The detail on resin and 3D printed compads is too sharp.


    We believe all of the compads have the same design, only their paint schemes differ. Here is a clear example of a screen used ANH Xwing pilot compad. You can see the four rectangular buttons, and the softer details. 




  4. The officer in that picture is Alan Flyng, he had a unique code cylinder. Which is different to the others, and is a one off. I know this as fact through speaking to him, and the fact he still has it ;) As a GML I wouldn't allow this it's a non standard Line Officer. At base clearance we're looking for the standard not the exception.

  5. Normally I'd agree with the ease things in slowly approach. When the CRL was written the information was good with the knowledge we had to hand at the time, now we know different. I'd say it's more confusing to ease the change in, just do it. As a GML I'd say use a degree of common sense and be flexible with people who had started costumes before the changes were made.

  6. Rene,

    I have discussed the missing seam running around the circumference of the jacket with the command staff and we have agreed to waive this requirement, in this instance. As a point of note to others waiving requirements is done at the command staffs discretion on a case by case basis.


    Saying that, there are a couple of things I'd like you to correct before we grant you Executor status:

    Press the uniform, especially for Executor and Imperator submission photo's.

    Your sleeves look a little long, I think they should be shortened by a small amount, so that you can see more of the hand.

    The belt should be moved up a little, so the buckle sits over the belly button.

    The trousers need to have a more tailored look, and you need to show a flare either the classic tear drop shape or a bow (like Moff Jerjerrods).


    I would recommend working with an IOC Advisor on this, as it will aid them and provide you with another set of eyes. If you wish to receive assistance please start a thread in the Original Trilogy Costumes \ Officers Line and Staff section.


    I wish you luck, and hope to approve your uniform in the near future.


  7. Rene,

    Thanks for your submission, can you please provide some side and back photos. Then further photographs to highlight the key points raised at level 2 of the CRL.




    Can you also ensure your photo's include your latest uniform configuration, if you have a new hat that will need to be worn in the photographs.



  8. Whilst he was the guy who drafted the CRL, this forum is to showcase the costume and provide detailed pictures for the purposes of this forum.


    Furthermore the CRL evolves over time, sometimes elements are added without photographic evidence. I also have a costume displayed for a CRL and there are a number of details which have been revised in the CRL since the photographs were taken.

  9. Luigi,

    Thanks for your submission. Unfortunately there are a number of issues which will need to be resolved before you can be granted Executor status.




    The cap should not have the central seam on the upper peak.

    The cap should sit back further on your head, as indicated with the green line, but I fear the cap is a little on the small side.

    The jacket itself seems to fit well enough, with the exception of the collar. The collar should meet in the middle, be secured with hook and eye fasteners and include a modesty panel.

    Ideally the belt should be higher, so that it covers the central seam and your belly button. If it cannot cover your belly button and the central seam, it is more important it covers the central seam.

    The trousers appear to be a little baggy. The flares should be firm and clearly defined.

    Can you please provide a photographs to show evidence of:

    The central seam running around the circumference of the jacket

    The princess seams on the back of the jacket


    Your accessories appear to be in good order, and your boots are to a good standard.


    Sorry to be so critical, but this is the nature of the program, if you can make these amendments you'll have a more accurate uniform,

    Best wishes


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