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    Trachta got a reaction from Ithilnar in favorite Imperial officer? canon/legends   
    My favorite Officers are:
    Legends: Grand Moff Trachta

    Canon: Admiral Karius

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    Trachta got a reaction from 7858 in Star Wars - Comics & Illustrated Short Stories   
    Just read the first 2 comic series and wow these are amazing!
    edit: I just read "Bishops Hand" and wow that story was amazing!
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    Trachta reacted to 7858 in Star Wars - Comics & Illustrated Short Stories   
    Dear fellow Legionnaires,
    Check out the Star Wars stories created by ID/TK-27888 from Nordic Garrison and ID-42742 from Dune Sea Garrison aka Cannon Fodder Comics, for free (at the moment).
    Together Marietta & Elly tell the real stories of Imperial troopers who tirelessly work to keep our galaxies safe.
    Link to Cannon Fodder Comics

    You can also follow them in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram:
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    Trachta reacted to tacblue in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    I was really bummed to have missed this year's Celebration. I am thrilled for it to be back in Anaheim, and no off year wait in between!   
      I remember the awesome IOC Mixer from the last Anaheim Celebration, and am looking forward to it again.  By all means let's start getting plans made! 
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    Trachta got a reaction from FallenJedi in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    I like to say, I am ecstatic that Celebration will be returning next year!  Also I've been curious, is it too early to start talking about it / plan for it?
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    Trachta reacted to Aurabesh in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    My guess is yes it'll be Thur-Mon again. They seem to be coping Dragon*Con in that area. I actually don't mind it, I always catch an evening flight out, and get the con basically to myself on Monday.
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    Trachta reacted to Aurabesh in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    Since I have not been to a Celebration since CV in Orlando (2020 will be ten years), I am bound and determined to make this one. I have been given the green light by my superior officer to attend. Disney will of course be a must; especially with it being an easy 20 minute walk from the core hotels. Right now my crew will be 4-7 strong, so that'll be a nice group to cram into one room.
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    Trachta reacted to sharkbait in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    For me, it's never too early to start planning!  I'm a planner and I like order and dislike surprises and change.  
    I've been saying for three years (since I joined the 501st and found out Celebration existed), that when it came back to Anaheim, I was going, hell or high water.  So I AM GOING.  I've been building my patch and coin trade stash for three years for this.  
    It's the hotel that's gonna kill me- I'm room sharing for sure, but I've heard the Anaheim Marriott can be anywhere from $400 - $900/A NIGHT.  And even splitting that three or four ways is a big ouch.  There are other slightly cheaper options nearby, but honestly for me I really want to be in the hotel.  Walking to and from another hotel, in costume, or after each long day/night at the Con, not being able to de-costume or change in between by slipping up to a room, the relative safety of not stumbling home after a full day and late into the night partying (especially as a woman), or how much would you drop on  Lyft/etc. if really far away... there's too many conveniences that will make a big difference over five days. One day, maybe two, I'd figure it out, but not for all five.  I'm lucky in that I shouldn't have any issue finding friends to share a room with, we've got a close-knit Squad and many of us are planning to go, so it's more going to be can we get the rooms and who wants to room with who.  
    I also plan to carpool, but that's easy and a given.  My hope is we'll get enough Squad and Garrison members together to rent a van or a bus or something, that'd be one awesome carpool!  (We're in the Central Valley, Anaheim is about 4 - 4.5 hours away).
    I signed up for the Celebration newsletter- I expect they'll release when tickets will go on sale and possibly when 501st hotel blocks will be available, so I'll be in the first to know and be able to snag my tickets and room quickly.  Not going to bother trying for the master pass thing- too expensive and sells out so ridiculously quickly.  
    I'm really looking forward to the patch trading, meeting other 501st members, the 501st after-parties, and the merch more than anything.  I've heard legendary stories from friends who have gone before and I can't wait to be a part of that.  I would also skip Disneyland.  As much as I love it, I'm there for Celebration, not Disneyland, and both require my full and undivided attention, which I can't give to both.  Plus, I'm avoiding Galaxy's Edge like the plague for a good year- far, far too crowded for my tastes.  
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    Trachta reacted to xAlpha in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    I definitely want to go one year, but I was hoping it would be anywhere other than Anaheim next. I grew up 40 minutes away, but now I live in New Hampshire, which means if I went, I'd feel obligated to visit friends and family. I want to go, but I want to focus solely on Celebration.
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    Trachta reacted to Dave Maul in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    Never to soon to start planning, I’ve missed the last two Celebrations so promised myself I would be attending the next one regardless of where and when . I think like many trying to combine this Celebration with a trip to galaxy edge would be awesome
    Just waiting on the dates to get the ball rolling 
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    Trachta reacted to lantern2745 in IOC Events at Celebration   
    Hello everybody!  We're less than two weeks out now.  Hope the hype train hasn't lost any steam for you.
    Here is the IOC events info;
    Friday April 12th at 12:30 pm - IOC Group Photo (thread can be found HERE )
    Friday April 12th at 6:00 pm - IOC Mixer at the Hyatt bar area.
    The mixer is set to be two hours before the Swag Trade event, since so many folks will be there anyway.  We're just gonna mill around in the bar area and..  Mix.  I don't know.  Nothing big or flashy.  No uniforms required.  Just hang out and meet folks that we may only know from the forums/Facebook.  Should be a good time!  Bring trading cards if you have 'em.
    - Jeff
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    Trachta got a reaction from Giro118 in star wars youtube channels   
    He mostly just reviews and goes over the books and comics.
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    Trachta reacted to Giro118 in star wars youtube channels   
    I enjoyed star wars explained dark forces walk through especially since that was my main game I played for the playstation 
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    Trachta reacted to Jim in Any Word on IOC events happening at Celebration?   
    And to add to  the Governor’s post, we’ll also have the Tantive IV hallway and Endor bunker/speeder bike.
    Hope to meet a lot of the corps members from the other garrisons!
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    Trachta reacted to lantern2745 in Any Word on IOC events happening at Celebration?   
    Not yet. It's still in the works.
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    Trachta got a reaction from lantern2745 in Who is going, what days, and staying where?   
    I'll be there all 5 days and I will be staying at the Hyatt McCormick! 
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    Trachta reacted to vonmoen in New(?) Behind the scenes image   
    Yes indeed, I believe that is the photo that started the Imperial Death Star NCO CRL.
    The others in the photo have been referred to as "hall walkers", and the IOC recently added straight trousers and low quarters as an option for some of the Officer costume.
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    Trachta got a reaction from Shanester in Vader Immortal (New Star Wars VR series)   
    Brand new VR series game coming out called Vader Immortal! 
    Something that caught my eye is a Cybernetic Imperial Officer behind Vader, who I think might be the new canon equivalent to Grand Moff Trachta.  I must make him!!!  

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    Trachta got a reaction from Demon4x4 in Vader Immortal (New Star Wars VR series)   
    Found a clearer image!

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    Trachta reacted to Demon4x4 in Vader Immortal (New Star Wars VR series)   
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    Trachta got a reaction from Demon4x4 in Imperial Officer (Battlefront II) Build and/or CRL proposal   
    Armored Cavalry only handles costumes of those who operate large vehicles like AT-ST's.  The officers in battlefront 2 don't operate any vehicles and I believe they are trying to mimic Thrawn's, Tarkin's, and Pryce's protective armor as seen in rebels.  So it's pretty much Officer field protection armor.
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    Trachta got a reaction from Hask in Imperial Officer (Battlefront II) Build and/or CRL proposal   
    I don't think the S-5 or the SE-44C should be in there as those are weapons you can choose to have but don't start with.  The RK-3 is okay because it is the default weapon the officer has for the Empire and is definitely used by the Empire.
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    Trachta reacted to DarthFunk83 in Thrawn: Alliance Excerpt   
    Hello Fellow Officers,
    I thought some of you would be interested in this for two reasons. The first, an excerpt of the new Thrawn book has been released. See link: https://www.starwars.com/news/thrawn-alliances-exclusive-excerpt 
    But also, there is some really cool art for this book

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    Trachta reacted to Governorpryce in Star wars Resistance   
    Loved loved both shows Avatar and Korra. Both are worth watching (Never ever ever Watch the movie . )
    Hoping for Awesome Dog Fights and with luck an another epic Bad Lady besides Phasma. 
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    Trachta got a reaction from trencher in Star wars Resistance   
    They said it was anime inspired, but not exactly anime, pretty sure the style they are going for is like Avatar the Last Air bender (Dave Filoni helped make this TV show) and the Legend of Korra.    (I'm really excited for this TV show also!!!)
    This style of what they are saying is going to look like:

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