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  1. 11 hours ago, kman said:

    I agree.  Although I couldn't find anything beyond that scene.


    Oddly, there are LOTS of scenes that show a lot of officers.  No officer seems to EVER wear a blaster, other than Hux in that one scene. Except the FOSB guy, who is always armed, and the disguised Rebels (which didn't raise an eyebrow?).  And of course Stormtroopers.  But no other officers or support staff.  No one on the bridge or wandering around the ship wears a blaster, not even when the ship is in battle.  Which sort of makes sense.  And even more significantly, Hux, his XO, and other officer types on the shuttle with Kylo that goes down to Crait (the red planet) in an obvious battle situation?  Still no blasters!  Yet Hux randomly wears a blaster in that ONE scene.

    Ugh.  I hate inconsistency.  (and I'm not a TLJ hater)

    If I'm not mistaken (don't have access to a photo right now) but the female officer present when Kylo exits the elevator and asks to prepare his ship is wearing a holster with a blaster in it.

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