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  5. Blue, the event is starting now.

  6. I want one of these! It would be great on my wall.
  7. pls check PM

  8. Hey Sundancekat, I've been trying to figure what kind of spray starch to use for my polyester Jodhpur trouser's. Please let me know what you use for your pants. Thanks.

    1. sundancekat


      Hi, unfortunately I am not going to be of much help.  My uniforms are wool and pretty much stand up on their own. :roll:

  9. hi bob! my 3 IOC crew costumes were approved by my GMLs. i wish to go fwd and submit these for level 2 and 3 approvals. how and to whom do i submit to?


    1. Stinky


      hi bob. found it. thx anyways!

    2. buckrogersbarker


      you should also submit for IOC membership so you have access to everything.  Welcome aboard.

    3. Stinky


      thx bob. yes, step 1 is completed

  10. Hey IOC, do you know if we sell merchandise from our group? And most of all, do we sell hoodies. Thanks.


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