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  1. 9 hours ago, buckrogersbarker said:

    They were not trying to be duplicitous.  They knew this was an issue from the start.  You can see where they talk about it here.  They know this detail was not on Tarkin or Piett.  And they were ok with clearing this for Level 2 and 3.  When I say 15 cleared, those are the only ones I could see with photos still hosted.  Probably a lot more since many photos are gone now.  


    And here is where they changed the requirement for the higher level when they were asked about passing these uniforms.  

    Wampa Wear, Cosplay Sky, Clothiers, Mazcave, private tailors, all have this line.  If you are going to make the line going around the entire circumference of the uniform, why stop at the yoke.  

    The Anovos line is discontinued.  There will not be more of them made.  But for those few that own them, I think it would be fair that they get the same treatment that these others did.  It can't be a large number and it would be for this one detail.


    As I mentioned in an earlier post, Imperial Boots did not include the seam on the front yoke. They too have discontinued, at least in the current wave, officer uniforms.

    For anyone, including myself, that has one of these costumes if a decision on Anovos wearers are given clearance should IB not also be included?

  2. FWIW, Imperial Boots also do not include the seam on their yoke, although I’m unsure if this is still the case 

    I have a version three security bureau officer costume from Imperial Boots. They did not include the seam on the front yoke. They have also discontinued offering the tunic with the current wave.

    I have been looking for a correct tunic since finding out this prevents my advancement to L2/L3.

    So far, only one vendor I have found expressly states and displays their tunic with the seam across the front panel.

    Other options are custom made, which for many could be very cost prohibitive.

  3. First and foremost, this is in no way meant to diminish the overall integrity of our costumes.

    Within many of the CRL descriptions for level 2 advancement we have this statement

    There is a seam running the entire circumference of the tunic, dividing it along a line hidden by the uniform belt

    The statement specifically states this seam is hidden. I am really interested in the relevance of this requirement.


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