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    Angelus reacted to lantern2745 in Celebration 2020 FAQ   
    Now that we're about 6 or so months out, I thought it was time for Star Wars Celebration 2020 to have it's own section.
    I'll try to get all the FAQ type stuff in this post.
    What: Star Wars Celebration 2020
    Where: Anaheim Convention Center 800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802
    When: August 27 - 30, 2020
    More info as it comes in.  Until then, here is the official website
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    Angelus got a reaction from AgnesAUT in How to role your character :)   
    I feel it starts from body posture frist. When you have a good body posture, it helps a lot in doing the frist step in the role
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    Angelus reacted to lantern2745 in Official CRL workload list   
    CRL Revision/Overhaul:  Staff Officer - Black
    Purpose:  To have current Staff Officer CRL brought in line with it's appearances in Rogue One, Solo, and other canon sources.  As it exists now, this costume is modeled primarily on ANH, which has it's own CRL.
    Status:  Discussion thread has been started
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    Angelus reacted to Tarkin99933 in Generic Republic Admiral/Officer from Clone Wars Proposal   
    Hello Guys
    I would like to introduce this new costume as a new CRL proposal. My Uniform should represent the basic level, maybe there are some differences between the animated uniforms and mine but it is not so easy to make a new costume wich only exists as an animated version. But I think it is a nice adaptation.
     Costume Sources:
    Tunic and Breeches made from field grey cavalry twill (color code RAL 7009)  - Darkforest Fashion
    Boots - Clothears Costumes
    Belt and Rank Bar - Klaus’ Frässtüberl
    Gloves - Leather Gloves Online
    Thank you,
    Swiss Garrison
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    Angelus got a reaction from GiuliaEclipse95 in So you wanna be on Facebook? How about Twitter?   
    Left to Right: ID80666, ID8588,  ID28416
    From Singapore

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    Angelus got a reaction from kman in Celebration Anaheim 2020   
    I hope my plan still can go on with this.
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    Angelus got a reaction from edgejedi in Why did you come to the 501st?   
    I meet a guy who was dressing up as Boba Fett in a small event on FX/props for movies may be 2007? As I am a big fan of Boba Fett. At that time it was group was fun by 2 to 3 guys. It took sometime for me to join because I was still a student. I join in 2009 with the 501st. But I left just after a few months later because I end up got upset on the way how the people were in the group and one of the main's wife a bully I feel at that point (as I was trooping for an event. So many things bomb at my face seeing the "Real" group way. So I can't agree on joining a group if I were to face that each time I go for an event and the way how it is run.

    So I left.

    But only 7 years later, in 2016, I came back again because of people that I meet at UK SWC and I feel that the group did change for the better. And I hope it stays the same. And I do want if I can promo about crafting costume and how to do being together as a group. 
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    Angelus got a reaction from Christina in Is there a previous IOC white Racing shirt?   
    *cough* I am hoping for a Krennic design *cough cough*
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    Angelus got a reaction from Ithilnar in Is there a previous IOC white Racing shirt?   
    *cough* I am hoping for a Krennic design *cough cough*
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    Angelus got a reaction from PArmstr in So you wanna be on Facebook? How about Twitter?   
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    Angelus reacted to bjsavage7 in Detachment for Mudtrooper Officer CRL   
    I would never dissuade anyone from trying to do this, but the amount of work, expertize, resources, time, and effort is vastly underestimated by the general public. Is it possible? You bet. Will it be easy? Nope. Until someone takes the genuine initiative to get the ball rolling, it's easier to place costumes under the roof of whoever is willing to be a good steward.
    New costumes don't always match up well well with where they are placed, but with the number of new potential costumes getting pumped out from every new movie, tv show, comic, ect these days, it's getting harder just to get a costume made accurately and a CRL complete for it in a timeframe that would please everyone, much less place it under a detachment that will please everyone.  But we try.
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    Angelus reacted to VoodooBarbie in Director of intelligence Isard pictures   
    SW is such as vast universe with so many off-shoots that there has to be a compromise somewhere. We do what we do to raise money and bring smiles. The general public is less likely to be that hot on all the nuances of the comics vs the film etc. - it's more about setting the scene.

    Whether we like it or not:
    - Isard technically is not even canon now in the Disneyverse.
    - Krennic is canon.
    - Krennic is also an isb director. His rank bar is red on top.
    - there needs to be continuity to set the scene

    It may not be to everyone's taste (such is the nature of compromise) but I can understand the reason for it.

    Apologies Kris for the detouring.

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    Angelus got a reaction from trencher in Rain poncho for NT on SOLO   
    They did have in the non-edited when I was visiting the Lucasfilm company in Singapore.  
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    Angelus reacted to Tarkin99933 in Episode 3 Fleet Officer Uniform CRL Proposal   
    Hello Guys
    I don't know how to do this but I want a CRL entry for my Episode 3 Fleet Officer.















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    Angelus reacted to Mitthrawnuruodo in Line/Staff Officer Service Dress, proposal.   
    Looking good!
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    Angelus reacted to Steven in Line/Staff Officer Service Dress, proposal.   
    And this is what the Uniform looks like in the field:

    Perfect for more sophisticated occasions, like a wedding  
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    Angelus reacted to Hux in Line/Staff Officer Service Dress, proposal.   
    Hey luvs! I just wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm still watching.. I wanted to bring up some of the concerns as I see some slightly heated debate starting. 
    The issue is (and I tend to agree) is that the reference is really blurry. 
    Now normally we could all say "Oh we can assume" (and I do say that a lot) however of all the Detachments I oversee (5 of them) This Detachment has had the biggest "blunders and blowouts" when it came to costumes that weren't accurate and the literal fallout from it. So please understand here that the main driving force for it being stalled is not about the costume being lazy, sloppy or otherwise. Its fear that we are wrong ...again.  
    Its hard to admit we are wrong and we have learned from past mistakes. 
    Example 1: We were pressured by membership to approve the First Order General with little to no (blurry) reference. 
    Blunder! The CRL is now gone and people are losing money on costumes they paid for and now cant have approved. I just had a guy post last week on the CRL thread. :/ That kills me inside.
    Example 2: We allowed a costume accessory with little to no ref and BOOM! The entire world busted in half. 
    Those incidents were just in the last year....
    I am extra cautious with this Detachment (and so is the staff) for good reason. Things get heated. So please do not see their less than approving stance as anything but concern for what could happen later. <3 You guys are great and this conversation should continue. 
    Anyone tried taking new/better screenshots from the film yet? 
    Shoes are a big factor, anyone see a good shot of them? 
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    Angelus reacted to OfficerPouty in Propose new CRL Bridge Personnel The Force Awaken   
    Overall this is a superb build!
    However, I would also like to point out that on the back pictures there seems to be a presence of the curved seams/top stitching of the back and also one seam running down the material. However, from my own research it appears to be all one piece of material.
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    Angelus reacted to Hask in Propose new CRL Bridge Personnel The Force Awaken   
    A few grabs

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    Angelus reacted to Hask in Line/Staff Officer Service Dress, proposal.   
    No one is blocking anything, but like all CRLs discussions take place with all variables mentioned and people have many reasons for their views, some feel easy cheap is not for the 501st some disagree. Those that say lazy are saying it because they feel that this costume will become the norm because its easier to source items, are they correct? They believe they are, the 501st is a huge club not everyone is going to think the same
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    Angelus reacted to lantern2745 in Line/Staff Officer Service Dress, proposal.   
    I'm just afraid that the low boots, straight trousered, no hat option is going to lead to a bunch of sloppy(?) looking officers.
    Especially for Staff officers, who are gonna look from behind like they're just wearing a black suit.
    I now move that the  Science Officer CRL be changed to "Off Duty Officer" and that it have two configurations: Line and Staff.
    And the rank bar worn with this new CRL will have to be one that is seen on screen in conjunction with that uniform.
    That gives two people a chance to be CRL models. One on each tab. Bonus!
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    Angelus reacted to Hask in Hux CRL pics   
    Hi all, as part of our update programme we would like to invite all Hux's to submit Photos for the Hux gallery, please register your interest below.
    There will be a 5 day window for interest posts
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    Angelus reacted to Hask in Hux CRL pics   
    I would have been shocked if you were not
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    Angelus reacted to kman in Krennic CRL pictures   
    Umm, best delete that email I sent, then.
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    Angelus reacted to bjsavage7 in Krennic CRL pictures   
    Remember, he means pictures "for the CRL".   
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