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  1. I have been keeping my head down, luckily I’m in communications, keeping people’s cell phones working, so I’m essential and now working from home. My wife is a high school teacher and has been home for two months and hating it. I finished a couple of non SW costumes but haven’t got much else going on. Really miss trooping and seeing friends but my county is shelter in place until May 31st. I hope officers and crew around the world are doing well, be safe out there.

  2. This last weekend I won a cosplay contest as Captain Beckett at a local con, and decided I wanted some better pictures in this character. So I met up with Izzy at our Tatooine Wall we made for South Valley Squad, and we got to work! The costume is not screen accurate yet, more fairly it is "Inspired by", but I really like this uniform and wanted to troop this character regardless!


    "Do you wanna live, Sparky? Then shut up and do what your Captain tells you!"











  3. There is a lot of great information and debate going on here. Thank you folks, to everyone, for keeping it civil!

    I think that with decent images available this could be a simple set of modifications to an existing CRL. The Science Officer was created generic for a reason, it is not a Galen Erso face character for a reason. We assumed it was a form of dress that others in the wide range of the Imperial Military would have. We keep the shirt, open it up to any single rank bar, and keep the hat off. Basically we should be able to modify the title to Service Dress, add a black (staff) version, and have a nice, compact CRL that could have a VERY positive impact for IOC Recruitment. I have come to the conclusion that this is by far the swiftest way to get this canon uniform approved.

  4. As I said in the other thread, in the theater I saw that one of the line officers definitely had 6 amber tiles. You catch a good glimpse of him at the very beginning of the sequence. The Science Officer CRL should be left alone since It was a specific uniform combination for R1 only seen in the flashback sequence. I believe a single new crl for Mess Dress all services would be easier to pursue than 2 new crls. So no hats or beltboxes, and from what we can tell level 3 would reflect single rank bars of 6 tiles of the same color. For visualization purposes, I can throw together both uniforms together for pictures, I just only have dosimeters with brass clips, so I couldn't go to L3.

  5. I helped with the Science Officer as well, and I think opening up rank bars and shirt options and using that as a template for the Mess Dress variants is fine. Science officer can become both CRL's without too much confusion. For example, we have two different colored hats on the Scanning Crew depending on which movie look you're replicating, so I think a single CRL with both versions would be acceptable IMHO.

  6. 4 hours ago, DarthFunk83 said:

    That's right. No hats. 


    Although this is speculation, to me, because this is at a "party" and they aren't wearing hats, this seems informal to me. Having read through this thread, I am starting to think that these uniforms are casual or off-duty uniform, something like a casual dress uniform. No idea what a better sounding name would be at the moment 

    I like the term Undress uniform, or if we go British military, Mess Dress. I think we can leave the Science Officer be, and just make a separate CRL for 'Undress Uniform, All Services' to cover the black and olive uniforms and make the undershirt optional and open it up to any style single row rank bar.

  7. I saw Solo again a 4th time tonight and I looked for these variants. I can say without a doubt there is an officer in Olive uniform with straight leg pants and a 6 amber tile rank bar like Captain Khurgee ANH or as the more newly described Operations General. Instead of calling it a dress uniform, I would hazard to say,  just like the Galen Erso flashback scene, that it is an off duty uniform. When I pushed for the science officer CRL, I had hoped that more evidence would come to light showing other types of officers in trousers, and just like the Imperial Infantry, this now seems to be a canon. Though I couldn't see them clearly, it follows that they would continue to use Chelsea boots.

    So what do we do with this new information? On CRL's to date we have not hassled with denoting specific rank bars unless it's a character like Tarkin, especially level one submissions. Wear whatever bar you like! I could also encourage the powers that be to accept trousers versus boots and jodhpurs for any rank as a line officer 'off duty' variant. We must struggle to keep up with the deluge of new material, and options the detachment membership wants that can be taken directly from the films should always be on the table.

  8. So we have solid evidence to proceed with a CRL or a modification. Honestly, I would list the combination of small belt boxes, code cylinders with silver clips, rank bar, and Helmet as an optional Rogue One configuration on the existing staff officer CRL. This should not require a new CRL as it is a R1 Officer variant, in my opinion. 

  9. 11 hours ago, DarthFunk83 said:

    Looks really great Ben!! Very nice work. I just had a question about your belt though. Are the holes going to be a problem? Im also wondering about those two back pockets. Im sure they're okay, but I think they should not be visible. 

    Lol yes, you are absolutely right, I need to pull up the pants. I have them on a belt now but may install some suspenders down the road. As for the holes in my belt showing, let's just say I've grown with the Empire :)

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