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  4. I would like to wish a very Happy Father's day to every one out there..Me gustaría desar un Feliz dia Del Padre a todos ustedes.

  5. Enforcing Order 66 in Paradise

  6. Are you still doing compads for scanning and ATST?

    1. DTR1


      Yes, please send all correspondence to me in a pm if you can. As I have had alot of problems with this forums notification features. 

  7. Tennant,

    I've been thinking about it, and I think it's a shame to be waiting on a simple procedural requirement for this uniform to be granted Imperator level - a photo of you wearing the new belt.


    I'm going to clear you, because I think your uniform is excellent and a real credit to the program.


    If you can get a picture taken and added for our reference I'd really appreciate it.


    So a heart felt congratulations, you really deserve it.


    1. tennantlim


      Hi Phil,

      Thank you so much for the approval. I haven't forgotten about posting a photo. It's just been hectic here at the moment and I still haven't got anyone to take a photo of me :(

      I really appreciate your gesture and I will try to post up a photo very soon. There is a troop coming up this Sunday, so that's my best opportunity. 



  8. 501st French Garrison - IN 5770

  9. "Thousands of probe droids are searching the galaxy! I want proofs not leads!"

  10. Can I get a belt without a stud??? 

    1. Tiggie


      Just wanting a dyed belt blank?

  11. Greetings, I am newly recruited member from the cold reached of South Dakota. I am university student with droid building in my heart and a desire for imperial rule.


  13. sorry, i missed the trail - how much per (2pc) set please? thanks

  14. Hello...just wondering if you made your rank badge or did you get it from a vendor?

    1. Paggeldiwwer


      Hi there, I got my rank badge from Klaus Frässstüberl (you'll find it on Facebook) and drilled the small holes out by myself. Klaus does a wonderful Job on the badges, the belts and the discs.

  15. Working on an Imperial Grand Admiral (Rebels' Era)

  16. Hello Everyone! I got accepted into the legion finally! I am  ID 10238 Warrant Officer! 

  17. Yeah ordered my rank bar

  18. ISBEAR, 

    Do you have another run of Merr-Son conversions for a Denix Mauser available or coming up? Very interested. 


    1. wordwildwebb


      LOL - sorry, messaged the wrong account. :-)


  19. Please tell me the story of my holster from months ago

  20. PayPal information

    1. Tiggie


      Paypal in US dollars: tigg-wolf@hotmail.com  (Please to friend or family to avoid the fee if possible.)
      Include the following information in the comments section with payment:
      Complete order details
      Shipping address
      Email address for tracking.

  21. Hi, do you still have it available? I need 3 sets.


  22. Hello, I'm interested in a Admiral costume, so the hat is included and belt???

  23. hello I'm interested on a single line rank bar

    4 blue 2 yellow  commander

    ship to Puerto Rico 00728


    thanks alot

    1. Tiggie


      Single rank bar $10.00

      Shipping is $8.00


      We are running about 4 week lead time at the moment.

      Paypal in US dollars to: tigg-wolf@hotmail.com  (Please send to friend or family to avoid the fee if possible)
      Please include the following information with payment in the comment section.
      Complete order details
      Shipping address
      Email address (for tracking)

  24. Are the IN helmets still available and if so how much? Do they come fully assemble ?

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