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  6. Hello, I'm Andrew Biederman, ID-34365.  I've been looking for better fabric for my next iteration of my Admiral.  I have a Cosplaysky Admiral that I've been trooping for a couple years now.  It's good enough to have been approved of course, but I'm ready to step it up.  I've seen your name referenced all over the place here for a fabric order that happened.  If there is another run happening anytime soon, I'd really like to get in on it.  If not, could you help me/direct me to the source so I can get some myself?


    I've already purchased two other batches, but I'm not perfectly happy with them.  I've got another batch of Cosplaysky fabric, and I've purchased another batch from a fabric place in New York City when I was there on vacation.  I thought that might be the stuff, but  people are telling me it is too dark. (You probably know as well as anyone that it is nearly impossible to correctly identify this color in any particular lighting situation, so I admit it was a gamble to buy it myself)


    All of that is to say that a reliable way to source the correct fabric would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Good afternoon Hawk, I have a consultation for you, the patches are attached to the clothes, backpack or whatever by sewing or join by means of the heat of the ironing? I will be waiting for your answer. Thank you!!

    1. Hawk


      I sew mine. I have never had a "Heat Backing" actually stick to anything. I know some of my Garrison Mates glue them in place, but I prefer to sew them on.

  8. Message us about our Imperial Gunner / Imperial Navy Trooper combo! 

  9. I didn't have time to go get a box and test it out or look over the costume last night.  But I believe I can fit the costume in a medium rate priority box.  Which includes tracking.  To ship it to the MI address it'd be about $14.75, but to ship it to Canada same method it'd be $47.75.



  10. Just because something is hard, doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

  11. Like my new profile picture? (I don't have TK armor, but I do have crazy good Photoshop skills!)

  12. Hey Vanya, I've paid for the FO general tunic.

  13. I have been told you make very good rank bars and belts! Is this true?

  14. To complete the info; I have a P.O. Box in Miami. And I will waiting any news.

  15. Good afternoon Hawk!!

    In Paraguay we are three officers and we want the patches; but we do not have the Paypall service; Could the purchase be made via credit card?

    1. Hawk


      I do not have Credit Card capabilities.

  16. Morning! Are your boots still available?  Paypal?  Thanks, Mike Vincent, BH16228  206 930-4898



    Welcome! You can built a crewman costume first.

    Do you mean http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:IC_imperial_bridge_crew ?


    Yes Bro!

    1. Prida


      Thank you.

  18. It's been great to have such a warm supportive welcome. Thanks everyone. 

  19. Hi Mac,


    You mentioned that you could possibly get the Imperial crewman boots from WW2 reenactment stores and military surplus stores can you suggest specific websites for stores that would sell them please.





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    2. crazedtrooper71


      Thanks Mac.  I live in Perth Western Australia and am happy to try anywhere that is good.




    3. crazedtrooper71


      Hi Mac,


      Just have another question that you maybe able to help me with.  Do you know anywhere i could get a set of belt boxes from as i am looking for sources for them.  I am putting together an Imperial Crewman outfit and have sourced all bar the boxes.


      Thanks yet again



    4. Mac


      I got mine from Philo props he as a sale thread or he's on Etsy 

  20. do you know where I can buy the round piece that goes on the belt of the Imperial Officer uniform?

    Thanks in Advance for your help

    1. bjsavage7


      Hi Lester. I suggest in the future, asking all questions as individual posts on the forums. Here is where I recommend getting belt/hat greeblies. http://www.elvistrooper.com/disk.htm Cheers. 

  21. 26992154_10155177930451787_1006717388207632196_n.jpg.f2ffc3b72930079e3cf5370a16a47e8a.jpg




    1. Bowrider


      The tip of the spear at the Sinulog Festival 2018, Cebu Philippines. 

      Dom Z in Line Officer. Tennant Lim as Bobba Fett.

  22. After two decades, finally showing up.

  23. Currently a Scarif defense Shoretrooper with aspirations of joining the growing ranks of the First Order officer corp! Starting to shake the trees on a Commander Hask uniform from Battlefront 2.

  24. HI~Tristan


    I am IC-50139!

    photos have all been re-upload also please confirm Thank you!



  25. Redback Garrison awards night 2016

      - "Rookie of the Year"

      - "Garage Door Trooper" 60+ troops


    Redback Garrison awards night 2017

      - "Troopers Trooper"

      - "Garage Door Trooper" 50+ events




    1. Blue11005


      You deserve every bit of those awards mate

      Bravo to you

  26. pm sent

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    2. MikeFord


      OK that number works and thank you very much sir

    3. MikeFord


      hey some how i got a second set of dosimeters today (probably the shipping problem we had ).

      i do not need two sets and want to be honest about it, so if you want me to ship them back to you just let me know, and give me the address to ship them too

    4. ID6187


      Gian Filippo Zamboni

      via Achille Grandi 9

      40054 Budrio (BO)


  27. Owner and Operator at Intergalactic Supply. 

  28. Hey Hawk,

    would you happen to have any IOC patches for sale?





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    2. TD4331


      cool, thanks!


    3. TD4331


      any news on those patches?



    4. Hawk


      We are doing the 15th Anniversary Patch, this year.

  29. Hello Tristan, I miss the Imperator badge in my profile.

    Can you please do this?

    Many Thanks

  30. Greetings All,

    As I am still working on my IOC uniform I am not yet a 501st Legion member but it is my intent to join.  I will be stationed in St. Louis, MO with the Gateway Squad of the 70th Explorers Garrison.



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