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  1. Hi Jeff,


    Fill you in on my guys:

    Tiburonco: Things were going well and then he just stopped replying to my messages, I have continued to check in but no reply since Sept 5th 2017. He last visited on Oct 11 2017.


    Kqoas: We had a great chat going on and then nothing. Last visited in Nov 28th 2017 and no reply to any of my messages.


    Tomer339: Started today talking about Krennic build as well as looking into ISB options.


    Mando1st: Helped her out but I forgot to send you that info... sorry.


    I helped three different members within the Badlands Garrison for the past few months as they made there's costume parts, mostly on FaceBook and Messanger. Two of three are now members of the IOC.


    There's a few more that I helped out but nothing as extensive as these members/recruits.


    Is there any way you can assign new cadets? I find that by the time I'm able to log in they have been taken up.