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  1. For anyone wondering what the various logos, bars, and titles to the left of posts is all about, this is the thread for you! User Ranks Rank is determined by user post count and are achieved at the following milestones: Cadet: 0 Posts Ensign: 25 Posts Lieutenant J.G.: 50 Posts Lieutenant: 100 Posts Lieutenant Commander: 150 Posts Commander: 250 Posts Captain: 500 Posts Rear Admiral: 1000 Posts Vice Admiral: 1500 Posts Admiral: 2000 Posts Grand Moff: 3000 Posts Supreme Leader: 7000 Posts Troop Milestones By logging troops in the Hall of Commemoration, members will receive awards at the following troop milestones: First Milestone: 25 Troops Second Milestone: 50 Troops Third Milestone: 75 Troops Forth Milestone: 100 Troops Fifth Milestone: 150 Troops Sixth Milestone: 200 Troops Seventh Milestone: 300 Troops Executor Award Earned by achieving Level 2 standards on a costume. This award can be given for multiple costumes. Imperator Award Earned by achieving Level 3 standards on a costume. This award can be given for multiple costumes. Staff Service Award The Staff Service Award is granted to recognize the contributions of IOC Command Staff for their commitment to the detachment. Each award represents a full year of service. Service Stars Service Stars are awarded to members who achieve the same award more then once. 4 Service Stars can be on a ribbon at once. Stars are as follow: 1 Bronze Star = 2 Awards 1 Silver Star = 5 Bronze Stars 1 Gold Star = 5 Silver Stars Examples: Third Award Eighth Award Tenth Award Service stars apply to the following awards: -Executor Award (Per Costume) -Imperator Award (Per Costume) -Staff Service Award (Annual) Exceptions, while rare, have been made in the past for members who exceed the max amount of stars on an award. Message a staff member for more info if needed.
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