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  3. Greetings, I am looking to get some trading cards made up for my Krennic costume. I understand you are the person I should contact. Could you please provide details? Thx!

    1. tristanuk


      I certainly am!

      Have a look here


    2. Riker64


      Says I do not have permission to look


  4. Hello there!

  5. I am looking for friends to trade patches and other things :) 

  6. wait this is not the DM

  7. Hello - you posted interest in the boots? Any questions I can answer for you?





    1. BrutusMagnus


      I am interested, but i can't do $300

  8. Go away. I gave at the office. 

  9. I think I got it.  What do you think?  I cast every part from casting resin.  Took me months to figure out the blue dye ratio.  gLPKUOg.jpg

  10. I recently went to a library thing and it was very fun hanging out with my group!!! 

  11. LSKIV



    Just read your answer on doing a Tie pilot réservé and IO.


    As a Impérial Navy Trooper, i follows the same way...but my 501 French Garrison CO told me to show him a picture with thé 2 flightsuit, thé 2 pair of Boots, thé 2 pair of gloves..and so on because 501st légion forbid to use thé same part of costume for several caractères?!?



    I had problèm to find custom size and few Bucks to put in.. been a bit disapointed.



    I just wish to do it right.

    Many thanks for advice.


    Have a nice day.



    1. kman


      Ask your CO to show you were it is written in the charter that you cannot use the same costume part in multiple costumes?


      It's a trick question, because he is incorrect.  There is no such rule.  He will not be able to show you any such rule in writing.  It only exists in his head.


      If he continues to insist you can go over his head.  Make a post on the main 501st forums and the Legion leadership will set him straight.

  12. I hope you guys have a great Xmas :) 



    im gonna be scarce but may the force be with you! 




    A. Hux 

  13. Are you still making the belt boxes?  If so, are the prices still the same and what is shipping to 91709 for two of the multi-direction boxes?


    Thank you.




    LCO retired

    1. Imperialist


      Hi Tim:


      My sincere apologies for not seeing this message earlier. If you're still looking for the belt boxes contact me at donsforsyth@gmail.com



  14. Are you still alive? I do not get an answer from you since half a year!



  15. Baud

    hello, I would like a cost for 10 to 15  IOC Shield badges to be shipped to Montreal, Canada ( zip code H2K 3Y8)

    I will know for sure how many on Wednesday October 31st


  16. So I'm so close to finishing hux but the belt UGH. You can't see it in the photo but it has a small design on it and im STILL waiting on the actual belt to come in the mail TT TT




    (((Also pardon the bad quality photo I have no idea why my photos always come out fuzzier then Chewbacca on here ))


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    2. Evilspaceginger


      Oh my God thank you! Glad it at least looks neato to you because I was like why do all my photos gotta look fuzzy tho 

    3. Mynock


      Looks like a filter was on the phone  shadan is right could get it printed on canvas lol

    4. Evilspaceginger


      Omfg you both are too kind! And for my stuff to even be posted I needed to get a photo resizer on my phone andi think that's what  made it fuzzy but I'm glad it looks cool!!!

  17. Hello, my name is Allison and  I was suggested to pm you via Mittrawuruodo due to the fact that you were from Delaware. I'm from there as well and was trying to join the 501st.


    I joined the local forum, but I'm finding it to be pretty quite and I'm hesitant to make an introduction post there. I'm looking to be able to help volunteer my time with you guys while I'm still in the process of putting together my costume. Would you be able to help me out?

    1. Trachta


      Sorry for the long delay Allison, I hope we have everything sorted out and I so look forward to seeing your Hux completed! 


  18. I do see the information updated on the 501st site. 

    Sorry if my initial request reposted.

    Was trying to reply to thanking for updating the site and it automatically auto-filled my first message instead. 


    Thank you for updating my profile on the 501st site.


    Tina Burns


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