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  1. I recently went to a library thing and it was very fun hanging out with my group!!! 

  2. I hope you guys have a great Xmas :) 



    im gonna be scarce but may the force be with you! 




    A. Hux 

  3. So I'm so close to finishing hux but the belt UGH. You can't see it in the photo but it has a small design on it and im STILL waiting on the actual belt to come in the mail TT TT




    (((Also pardon the bad quality photo I have no idea why my photos always come out fuzzier then Chewbacca on here ))


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    2. Evilspaceginger


      Oh my God thank you! Glad it at least looks neato to you because I was like why do all my photos gotta look fuzzy tho 

    3. Mynock


      Looks like a filter was on the phone  shadan is right could get it printed on canvas lol

    4. Evilspaceginger


      Omfg you both are too kind! And for my stuff to even be posted I needed to get a photo resizer on my phone andi think that's what  made it fuzzy but I'm glad it looks cool!!!

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