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    Here is something that we just thought to think about, we were staring at the how he hung the dark saber on the belt, and we only have a not great picture from the promo art of season two, and it looks like it is a drapery hook hung on the inside belt under the sash.


    I just got it today and took a some new photos.





    Hook on belt








  2. This line seems a bit  confusing to me-


    • Level 2: Must reflect 1:1 scale in size and must appear to be of metal or chrome stock.



    The darksaber is gloss black not so chrome. With the ridges, it scatters the light oddly  but it is black rubber on gloss black hilt.


    Most sabers that are currently coming online will have metal ridges to keep production costs down. 




    I feel like the leather patches  in the leg on show   dont quite  cover half the leg, maybe 2/5, but the toy does have more have half. Not sure.  I'm looking to tweak them anyway, but want this to be the final tweak to them.


    Also I think the leather panels on the legs are in 2 Parts, not one. Might be good for the level 2. I'll be fixing this as soon as I final determination on size and how may sections. 


  3. I pinged Gus about the Moff Gideon CRL as he was my original build partner before he decided to focus on Fett, he said he didn't have anything else to add.

    It probably would be good to standardize the measures to either metric or imperial standard. I had this weird kludge pulling in information from different sources and locations.


    Also raised rectangular sections of the darksaber should be gunmetal, with the gloss black base.




  4. The trim should be grey level 1

    The cape should be shaped to go around the shoulders and the pauldrons in a rigid line


    Level 2:  The trim is black with a white/grey hexagonal pattern with a black circle in the center. " 


    I think after we talked about this, we decided that the light blew out the coloring on the trim. It should be all hex, but not sure if you want a level 1vs level 2 for that.


    I second Hask on the red piping for the leg. Took us forever to find it haha




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