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    vonmoen reacted to kman in He's baaack...   
    Hey all, I'm finally starting to get my life back together, after getting it thoroughly out of kilter due to the birth of my son.
    I'm finally catching up on the boards I've been neglecting, and hope to keep more current, going forward.  The hard part isn't over yet (we're only a month in), but at least it's starting to be more routine.
    I haven't neglected the IOC entirely, however... it's been very much in my thoughts.  So much so that I made sure my son had his own uniform.  Meet CID-3013, one of the youngest members of the Galactic Academy:

    As a side note, since my wife posted this on the Ladies of the Legions group I have been inundated with requests to make imperial hats for their wee ones... LOL
    I'm too busy making him other costumes, though.
    Anyway, that's what I've been up to, in case anyone was wondering why it got so quiet around here without this loudmouth constantly piping up.  See you around the boards!
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    vonmoen reacted to Rhaethe in 2017 List of CRL Work for IOC   
    Hello!  Friendly neighborhood LMO here
    I have a punchlist of CRL work going with IOC Staff that I keep updated.  I thought it would be beneficial for the detachment members at large to see the sorts of things we have completed, are working on, and are planning to work on.
    I will keep both threads updated, and notify when updates occur
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    vonmoen got a reaction from lantern2745 in Reminiscing on Star Wars   
    I was 19 and stationed in Germany with the 1st Armored Division when Star Wars came out, but I think it didn't open in Germany until later in the year. I went to see "Krieg der Sterne" at the local Kino, it was dubbed in German so I had a hard time following it, but loved it just the same.
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    vonmoen got a reaction from buckrogersbarker in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Here's a group of images that should be what the costumes will be based on. I'm liking the black Engineers uniforms.

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    vonmoen reacted to MoffSchrayer in Imperial Press Corps (Alton Kastle, Rebels)   
    Vonmoen: the cog patch (Holonet News) and press badge details are both on the break down sheet here: 
    Steven: Thanks for the catch on the cylinder positioning!
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    vonmoen reacted to cjw957 in Imperial Army Troopers   
    the numpty officer holding the paper  
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    vonmoen got a reaction from Rhaethe in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Thank you, Cari!
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    vonmoen reacted to Rhaethe in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Friendly neighborhood LMO here.
    There has been a wealth of references submitted here.  The LMO Team has went through every piece of it, including the things uploaded just yesterday.  I will emphasize that from our perspective that when we decided if any specific reference was useable or not, we did not do so with the mindset of attempting to prove the existence of the character in the Star Wars Universe.  It definitely exists.  Nor were we concerned over the references being EU or Legends sourced.  After all, we do have a Detachment that specializes in such.
    The mindset we had when reviewing the material was trying to establish a common, replicatable, and uniform costume.  With that in mind, a good 80% of the material cannot be used for our (Legion's) purposes.  However, of the remaining 20% of material (which is still a good bit, mind you), the references are clear, show uniformity, show full length back/side/front, show detail.
    Yes, we will make a CRL of the character: Imperial Army Trooper.  
    However.  It will not be exactly what the first pass was in recreating it.  The LMO Team, thus far, has determined that a good baseline of what the character uses as a consistency base is the harness, suit, belt, helmet.  Other items may be added as optional accessories, but we will get to that when we get to it
    We are placing this in No Detachment Affiliation for the time being, and the LMO Team will work with Tarrif (and others, if any are) directly on the production of the costume, first,  to match the acceptable references, and then secondly, create the CRL based on that.
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    vonmoen got a reaction from pm07 in Imperial Army Troopers   
    I agree, let's not open a can of worms arguing over what goes where, I'm just hoping that a CRL is established. The "Big Bugs" can figure the rest out.
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    vonmoen got a reaction from pben in Imperial Army Troopers   
    The LMOs can figure out where this costume belongs, I'd be happy with an official CRL no matter where they decide to put it.
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    vonmoen reacted to kman in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Stormtroopers will always have their own detachment.  That's how the 501st got started, after all.
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    I'm at the point where I have hundreds of images of Imperial Army Troopers or relevant information, so instead of posting them all here and in the 501st official forums, I've uploaded them to an Imgur album with notations and sources under each new one as they are uploaded. Any additional images will be uploaded to this same album. You can find it here or scroll through the linked album below. I just got about 40 new comics delivered to my house, and uploaded a few dozen new images of Imperial Army Troopers in action. 
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    vonmoen reacted to cjw957 in Imperial Army Troopers   
    As I have always had a love for the Army trooper, from west end games stuff etc, here is a bit of a take of a squad or 2, but I must stress this was for an airsoft game why lots of different guns, and we only got our armour 10 mins before it so needs work etc (hence why I am here but guess I need to find the ACD page again ) 

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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    In my opinion, eliminating costumes does no good for the Legion. Also, there are Legends sources that state the Imperial Army Troopers were used to augment the Legions, but I doubt FISD goes for that. I think, eventually, the Imperial Army will have to be its own detachment. I haven't had time to post more pictures (I'm away this weekend) but the comics I've bought last week show dozens of panels of army troopers and have filled in a number of information gaps. 
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    I'll never understand the ACD argument. These troopers have zero to do with the ACD other than that an Imperial Army Crewman is already there under a different name. I understand why the AT-ST Driver is ACD and should stay that way, but these are infantrymen like storm troopers and clones and all those variants. They have nothing to do with armor or cavalry. They are the regular army. 
    If the issue is shared parts then let's put the AT-AT Driver in the JRS since it's a TIE repaint, and the AT-ACT Driver in Pathfinders next to the Shore Trooper, the Magma and Shadow Troopers can go to the FISD, etc. What I'm getting at is shared parts shouldn't be, and apparently hasn't been, a determining factor for detachment assignment. Why start now?
    I don't mean to be overly argumentative, but I remember the debacle with the Shore Troopers (ST 11697 checking in). Better to get it right the first time because changing things after the fact will be a lot harder. 
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    I very much want this CRL to be approved and be as accurate and true to the legends / canon as possible. Part of that, I hope, is for this CRL to land in the right detachment, or get its own detachment. We've spent a lot of time researching, and I think it'll be easier in the long run to get it right from the beginning rather than fix things later on. I also hope to avoid politics or drama as much as possible too. I remember how things were with the Shore Trooper and how they are now with Inferno Squad. Too much bickering. 
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    vonmoen reacted to lantern2745 in Imperial Army Troopers   
    When, not if. When the CRL gets Green lit, I think Armored Cavalry is the best fit too.
    For the same reasons the Inferno seems to fit JRS; shared costume parts.
    But as has been stated, it will ultimately be above our pay grade. 
    I'm just excited to see this happen.
    The care and attention to detail that has been put in is an inspiration.
    Hats off!
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    vonmoen got a reaction from pm07 in Imperial Army Troopers   
    The LMOs can figure out where this costume belongs, I'd be happy with an official CRL no matter where they decide to put it.
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    vonmoen got a reaction from kman in One for the ladies- Casual Pryce Cardi!   
    That's a great Idea! Makes me want to go out and get a green and a black cardigan.
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    I stand corrected. I have been contacted and there is definitely a good discussion going on.
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Unfortunately those are no longer canon and are considered "Legends" at this point. I'm curious about the status of the SW:RPG cards I posted since they are from Fantasy Flight Games, I think circa 2014. 
    Either way, canon or legends status has no bearing on a costume. See my post about the Swamp Trooper for context. 
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    A quick recap of today's update on the official 501st thread. I got the SW:RPG trading cards in the mail while at Celebration. I bought this pack in particular because it has two cards relevant to this topic: the Imperial Army Trooper and Imperial Army Officer. Here are the cards...
    As you can see the regular trooper is sporting body armor very similar to what I put together...

    Also, note the text on the back of the card. I'm not sure if there are still canon or now legends material at this point, but it shouldn't really matter.
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    vonmoen reacted to MoffSchrayer in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Out of curiosity, has Rebels been taken into consideration at all?
    With Tarkin seen wearing armour and a helmet in Season 1 and Thrawn wearing armour a bit closer to what Veers wore on Hoth in Season 3, it seems there is certainly regulation combat armour for the Empire.  Another hint towards this is Captain Slavin's helmet, seen on his desk in his office in the Syndulla home on Ryloth, also in Rebels Season 3.
    Just thought I'd offer a couple more bits of evidence for the effort.
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Yep, and Walt is sculpting a new chest piece that doesn't have any details (as seen in some of the line drawings of the Imp Army Troopers)
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    vonmoen reacted to Tarrif in Imperial Army Troopers   
    Photos have been added to the thread on the 501st Forums: https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=90513&p=1200249#p1200249
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