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  1. 8 minutes ago, buckrogersbarker said:

    We haven't been even, we haven't been fair.  And it bothers me. 


    The implication, intended or not, is that that DOs were being unfair on purpose.  I would suggest that it was simply missed, human error.  NOT that it was ignored.


    Human error is not being unfair.

  2. 11 hours ago, DarthAloha said:

    Ok. Thanks!

    Now that I’m home I’ll catch up with the rest of the team about it. Lately these decisions are voted on by all LMOs with no one LMO having more say than the other. 

    What I’d like to work on is getting us involved earlier in the CRL creation process. It’s sort of broken that we tend to sit around and wait for a detachment to throw something over the wall to us to think about. That’s an internal LMO problem not something about the detachments or IOC. My hope is to spend more time on IOC this year to prevent that. 

    Thanks for everyone’s patience. 



    @DarthAloha, I'm trying to parse this... I've been informed that the LMO team has been kicking around discussions about this costume for many weeks, if not longer.  Kris Kobus is on your LMO team and he was the one who started this very thread... he certainly knows every step that's happened along the way with this costume, having personally made recommendations to the applicant (as you can read in this very thread, again).  What sort of involvement was lacking, for this costume?


    Or is this more in regards to other costumes, to be developed in the future?


    4 hours ago, MoffInquisitor said:

    Whitmers - Thank you for all your innovation and work on creating this new CRL.


    IOC Costume Judges - Although the final CRL is still pending, would this costume meet all the anticipated requirements strictly for the soft parts?  [Link copied]





    Similar to how other on-line Cosplay Officer uniforms can be approved, if properly fitted?



    Hi Ian:  I can't really opine on that until we get closer to getting the CRL dialed in, during which time I'll be going over all the wording with a fine-toothed comb.


    Also, the photos make a number of details hard to tell, so it's hard to say how easy it will be to evaluate that costume just from the listing photos.  And of course, as you noted, how the costume fits you is also a wildcard that I can't comment on.


    Here's the cleaned up link directly to that Amazon listing: https://www.amazon.com/Mandalorian-Costume-Halloween-Cosplay-Outfits/dp/B08QJ4SMGP/


    I'd say if you want to know, start comparing the details of that costume to the details of Whitmer's costume, and the reference photos, and note where you see differences.  One detail that jumped out at me without even comparing photos up close, is the edging on the cape is black instead of gray, so there's at least one modification that would be required, assuming the CRL goes forward with the information we have now. 


    You should note, of course, that the CRL language is not remotely final at this point... not only have we not formalized the language yet, the LMOs have not had their say yet (and changes are often made to our work, at that point).  So basing a purchasing decision on the very rough draft in place now is a bit risky, in my opinion.


    Finally, I'll note that while sometimes the better cosplay producers do a decent job and can produce 501st passable results, more often they do not meet the standards.  Just because it comes from a cosplay source doesn't mean it will be dismissed out of hand, but neither does it mean that because others have sometimes succeeded, surely this one will, too.  Such things are examined on a case-by-case basis.  Once a vendor is *known* for reliably producing a specific costume that meets standards (or meets them with xyz adjustments), they can be recommended to others, but with the understanding that it's always going to come down to how well the costume works on that specific applicant.  A top tier Clothears Officer uniform will be rejected if it doesn't fit the applicant correctly, no matter how perfect the uniform may be on someone else.


    It's pretty obvious, of course, that the hard parts are not remotely approvable, but you did specific just the soft parts, so I'll ignore that.

  4. Because the belt moves a lot (or isn't worn properly in the first place, quite common, sadly), including on the on screen officers, which is how that seam was spotted.


    Higher level approvals mean you are more closely meeting the screen accurate standard, which is why it's only required for higher level approvals, leaving general approval more accessible to all.


    It's a real shame Anovos screwed that detail up, when they did so much else right with that uniform.  But every other vendor makes them properly, even the bargain basement ones, so making an exception for one vendor isn't fair, no matter how much they charge.

  5. 5 hours ago, DarthAloha said:

    Hi folks. One of your LMOs here.


    Apologies for the 11th hour question. I’ve been traveling for work and I’ve had my head down for too long. 

    Is there any more reference for the back of this costume?

    I promised Bob I would be more involved with new CRLs as they hit the IOC forums. Please allow me to start living up to that as of now. 



    I think the shots earlier in this thread are as good as it's going to get, unless LFL decides to release more BTS footage.


    Fortunately, CRLs can be edited if something dramatic and new is learned later.

  6. Interestingly, that "Rebels-style" had construction has apparently made it's way into the real world.  Hats on the Mandalorian are now showing up that have a similarly-different cut on that back flap, where it's no longer basically a straight line around the back flap.




    That said, if anything, I'd think that would be best for a L2/L3 detail, if we were to require it at all.  And I don't see a need for the back flap to be shorter than the front flap... I suspect that would vary a bit per individual for fitment reasons, anyway.


    My take, anyway.

  7. 16 minutes ago, tarok said:

    The Solo VG refers to Beckett’s goggles as “field goggles”, not his personal goggles. IMO it stands to reason that an officer stationed on Mimban may be equipped similarly to troopers, who wear polarised goggles.

    One could even argue the semantics and read that caption as “officer’s cap with [officer’s] field goggles”. emoji23.png

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Semantic arguments cut both ways.  They are not referred to as "Imperial field goggles".  And Beckett is 100% wearing stolen uniform PLUS bits of his own kit.  Later he sheds all of the Imperial kit but keeps the goggles.


    We can't assume that they are part of a standard officer kit, even in the mud, when not a single officer is seen wearing them. (noting that Beckett is NOT an officer so nothing about him is "proof" of anything)  Even one single actual Imperial officer wearing them would change that, but we have yet to see an example showing that.


    If they show up later, I'll be thrilled to add them to the CRL.  I'm a fan of them, as I mentioned.

  8. 5 hours ago, EllenStreichfuss said:

    Can somebody please explain to me why we are the only detachment trying to get all cartoon/animated costumes looking cartoony in real life while costumes like Hondo, the Grand Inquisitor, Seventh Sister and so on are made to look realistic? 




    I'll preface this by noting that I have not not made any decisions, with regard to this thread... those decisions were outside the scope of my authority at the time.


    All that said: Cartoony how?  I just read this whole thread over, to see what you mean, and I don't see anything especially cartoony about... anything.  The last things here were about the hat, which has a different cut to regular real-life officer hats, but it's not "cartoony".


    All THAT said, my personal take on the hat matter, if that's all that's holding this CRL up, is that perhaps the differently-shaped back flaps could be reserved as a L2/L3 detail... I think Lindsey's last hat looks fine.

  9. 7 hours ago, buckrogersbarker said:

    To my knowledge there is no allowing of any rebel in disguise.  That is why you never see any official luke and han in Stormtrooper armor.  There was a big to do over the Jyn Erso flight controller costume.  I think they allowed the original flight controller, but not her in disguise in it.

    This may have changed and is best asked to the LMO office.  Policies can change.

    That said, Beckett was never a rebel.  Though I would not want to see his uniform be listed as a denizen of the empire.


    The problem with Beckett's costume is this: While some pieces are obviously Imperial, we don't actually know whether some of the items he wears are pieces of his personal kit or part of the imperial uniform he stole.  Exhibit A is the ever popular goggles on the Imperial Hat.  I just re-watched the Mimban scenes carefully, and no other officer wears those, other than Beckett.  So are they part of Beckett's personal gear (like his gun), or part of the officer costume that no one else seems to wear?  (even other officers in similar gear, also out in the mud.)  I'm not comfortable listing those goggles as standard Imperial kit when the sole example is someone wearing a mix of a stolen uniform and their own gear.


    Believe me, I love those goggles and think they look amazing (and bought a pair myself), but I'm not sold on making them an optional accessory for Imperial Officers until we see an actual Imperial Officer wearing them.

  10. 3 hours ago, crow62 said:


    Are you working from a computer or a mobile phone?  If you're working from a computer, try right-clicking on the image and choose "Copy Image Location" (or "Copy Link" or something similar) and paste in the complete link that ends in "jpg" (the actual photo).  Then the Forums will display the image instead of the link.  On a phone, in the Imgur app, you should also be able to copy the link by pressing the button at bottom to share, and there is an option to Copy Link there, too.




    I'd recommend you wear your belt a little higher.  The Buckles should usually sit over your belly button, higher than regular pants.  And the silver rivet or snap should be on the other side. (your left side, as you wear it)


    Flight suit is looking great!

  11. I'm not aware of any free officer trenchcoat patterns out there.  I've only seen one or two shops sells them.


    Sadly (but understandably) the people with the skill to draft patterns from scratch for complex garments are usually professionals who make their living selling custom clothes, so they don't share their labor for free.


    As a result, there aren't many complete patterns out there for anything.  Flight suits, yes, but not much else.

  12. 14 hours ago, Aurra said:

    Thanks for posting the pictures here.

    Thanks for the compliment but I only did the make up.

    Uniform and Belt tailored by MazCave https://etsy.me/3t9G542


    Rank Badges and Codezylinder by Klaus Frässstüberl https://www.facebook.com/klausfraesstueberl/


    Wig (forgotten the seller) and Boots (Cavallo 2nd Hand) ebay.


    Brown contacts for daily use


     For  CRL I would put to disscussion if necessary the code cylinder all in silver with option blue cap (sometimes it is there sometimes not)?
    Sideburns mandatory or is it enough as I did it?
    Gloves optional or mandatory?


    Just curious, did MazCave use the German Garrison's special fabric run to make the uniform for you?  That doesn't look like their usual fabric.  (They're tailoring is impeccable as always)


    I would not say the sideburns are mandatory.  They're not even always especially pronounced, comparing the cover photo above to some of the other shots.  Your wig is excellent as it is.


    Normally gloves are optional.  It looks like he usually wears them, in the panels above, but on the cover shot Bob posted he is not wearing gloves, so I suspect sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.  So perfect item for being Optional.  That said, I haven't read all the comics.  If that one cover shot is the ONLY time we see him without gloves, I could see an argument for making them required.  I don't feel strongly about that either way, though.

  13. 30 minutes ago, crow62 said:

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I was reading with interest this thread, may be I can help you with the gray flightsuit confection, this is the flightsuit that I made for me, you can look the details in this youtube link:




    I am using same pattern that I use for the R1/SOLO flightsuits in the JRS Detatch, the only missing part there is the patches

    I hope this help



    Looks very nice, do you have photos of the gray material you propose using?

  14. 6 minutes ago, crow62 said:

    Good afternoon, Giovanni Rodiguez here, I think I can help you with this costume, I made a grey flightsuit using the black tie pilot  R1/SOLO patterns,  I made a video to your consideration and hanged in youtube, just check the design, the patterns will be the same to make the black flightsuit in this thread, here the link to check the suit details:







    Interesting, looks exactly like the classic flightsuit, only made of nylon material instead of cotton.


    Those code cylinder pockets look really deep.

  15. For code cylinders, technically you can use chalk holders, but they need modifications, and they'll only ever be good for basic approval, not higher levels (which are optional but highly encouraged).  Philo sells perfect replica dosimeters which are perfect all the way up to Level 3.




    If you want to go the chalk holder route there's a good tutorial on the modifications here:



    For rank bars, I *highly* recommend getting a proper pushbutton rank bar, and not the acrylic chips that cost nearly the same amount but again, are not very accurate and only approvable at the basic level.  I'd recommend BaileyBuilds or RankBadger on Etsy for great rank bars (BaileyBuilds also has a sales thread here on our forums, look for Alay's post).  Alternatively you can make them yourselves by buying the correct pushbuttons (there are threads here with links to sources), but if you're just starting out it's a lot simpler to buy them from established vendors.

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