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    beamishgunn reacted to tristanuk in ID-15717 Imperial Staff Officer Requesting Executor Status   
    Hi Jonathan,
    I have had a cursory look at your photos, and they do all appear to be out of focus.
    I would need to see clear high resolution photos.
    Please also look at the Cleared Executors http://www.imperialofficer.com/forum/index.php?/forum/104-cleared-executors/ to get a feel for the type of photograph and just how crisp, spick and span your costume needs to be.
    I think you will need to tailor the suit a little before you do submit, but I believe you have a good base to work from.  I suggest getting in contact with a IOC advisor who will be able to assist you in this.  If not then please let me know.
    Once you are ready to submit, please follow the instructions here.
    Good luck
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