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  1. Tennant,

    I've been thinking about it, and I think it's a shame to be waiting on a simple procedural requirement for this uniform to be granted Imperator level - a photo of you wearing the new belt.


    I'm going to clear you, because I think your uniform is excellent and a real credit to the program.


    If you can get a picture taken and added for our reference I'd really appreciate it.


    So a heart felt congratulations, you really deserve it.


    1. tennantlim


      Hi Phil,

      Thank you so much for the approval. I haven't forgotten about posting a photo. It's just been hectic here at the moment and I still haven't got anyone to take a photo of me :(

      I really appreciate your gesture and I will try to post up a photo very soon. There is a troop coming up this Sunday, so that's my best opportunity. 



  2. Hi Phil,

    Thank you so much for the Executor approval. I would just like to clarify about your point on the cap - "I would say the concentric circles on the peak of the cap could be a little closer." By peak, I assume you are referring to the bill of the cap?


    With the production of my cap, I had instructed for the 7 concentric stitches to be uniformly divided  over 3 inches of the bill. If I reduce the spacing between the stitches, that may result in some space at the rear end of the bill. Is this acceptable for Imperator?


    Thank you for your time.


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