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Fictional Space Bad Guys, Not Real World Bad Guys


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Some things should go without saying, but we live in an age where we do have to say things. I will cross post this in the Officer's Mess too.


At no times will this detachment be a home or accepting to people that are friendly to or espouse the ideas behind fascism, Nazism or any totalitarian ideology. We dress up as fictional space bad guys. Conflating any of the above with doing that is not only morally wrong, it puts at risk what we do here in this detachment and the legion as a whole. We will not allow such a risk.


I have spoken to members who have belonged to reenacting groups that have had those ideologies come into them. That will not be permitted here, not under this administration. And if that day ever comes that it would be allowed, I would hope you would join me in finding another hobby.


There will be no litmus tests for members. If you are a reenactor, I hope you enjoy doing it and I hope you keep the ideology out of it. There is no conversation over re-enacting that you cannot take private. And if you are an open adopter of the ideologies listed above, no one wants to hear it...ever. If you see something in violation of this, please contact the staff and we will deal with it promptly.

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