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    TK1571 reacted to captsafe66 in Happy Hanukkah!   
    Happy Hanukkah to all our members that Celebrate it!!
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    TK1571 reacted to gmrhodes13 in Possible Spoiler - Lego Officer TROS   
    Sith emblems on hat and belt and some nice red piping 

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    TK1571 reacted to TheVillainsMustache in Approval Party   
    My Galactic Academy officers threw a party for me.
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    TK1571 reacted to vonmoen in Do you know why the OT hat disk is better than the RO disk?   

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    TK1571 got a reaction from DarthFunk83 in A Very Special Day   
    Congratulations to you both. Looks like a great time was had.

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    TK1571 got a reaction from TheEagle in ID-61601 Requesting Imperial Security Bureau Officer V2 Exector Status   
    Best of luck.

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    TK1571 reacted to nomisha in Charity Walk   
    Hi guys.
    As a few of you know I am undertaking a charity walk in August in support of Shelterbox who do disaster relief internationally. It is an amazing charity organisation supported by Rotary International that I have come to be involved with.
    I am doing 60 km in 5 days on the Larapinta trail near Alice Springs in Northern Territory in Australia which is going to be a huge challenge for me with my foot issues. I have been training in the valleys here for months now and am on the home stretch.
    If you have a few spare dollars please consider helping me. I am $1200 away from my total.
    Thanks so much!

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    TK1571 got a reaction from shadan in favorite star wars book   
    Have to say the original Thrawn trilogy and the Tales series way back in the 90s are my favourites, haven't really read any of the newer ones apart from the clone commandos series and death troopers.

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    TK1571 reacted to Steven in favorite star wars book   
    The original Thrawn-Trilogy was my entry into the Star Wars universe and made me join the 501st as Thrawn. I liked "Tarkin" very much and the "Rogue One" novel had some interesting details in it, which did not appear in the movie.
    I also liked the new "Thrawn" but I like the first trilogy better so far, let's wait what the final chapter will add to my verdict.
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    TK1571 reacted to Dimination in favorite star wars book   
    The original Thrawn Trilogy was great and I also loved the Tarkin book. Tarkin is the book that got me into reading (although I usually do audio books while driving for work) Star Wars books.
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    TK1571 reacted to sharkbait in favorite star wars book   
    As far as good writing, the original Thrawn trilogy.  As to enjoyment I had while reading them, A. C. Crispin's Han Solo trilogy and the Young Jedi Knights series by Kevin J. Anderson.  The new Thrawn book was very good, the second was good, but not great, looking forward to reading the third.  
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    TK1571 reacted to Skywise in My Other Officer   
    Me at the local Living History Show as an 1884 Colonel of the 3rd regiment, US Army Cavalry.  Full Dress.  Original glasses, belt buckle and many original parts on helmet.  May do a Major General next year.  Same boots as will go with my Imperial Crew, Gunner, TIE Pilot, etc.
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    TK1571 reacted to Tentayena in Smiling in Costume?   
    I am... Not Great at staying in character
    It Is Known.

    But some of my favorites from troops!

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    TK1571 reacted to Paggeldiwwer in Smiling in Costume?   
    I saw this topic on the Legion-Boards: https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=102436
    And I think it could be nice to show our photos when we do smile in costume.
    This is mine:

    We were visiting the "House of Astronomy" in Heidelberg (Germany) on that day. There was a baby child that could barley walk and was obviously wondering what kind of guys we were. That child looked so cute and sweet - I communicated with it. And how can you do that best: being nice and showing a smile (mostly to take away some possible fear from the children ). Luckily my dad took that shot and to save this moment.
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    TK1571 reacted to Ithilnar in Smiling in Costume?   
    Great idea!
    This is photo from Kapitularz Convention in Łódź. We had quiz about Star Wars and it was final round. We had to hit plastic cup when we knew the answer.
    I took second place, but the battle was hard

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    TK1571 reacted to Steven in Smiling in Costume?   
    Could there be a bigger smile?  
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    TK1571 reacted to samofspades112 in General Veers find   
    hey all
    so walking around my local walgreens today and I found a general veers black series figure!!!!! finally after searching for so long I have finally added a fine addition to my collection (of course a grevious quote) finally I now have all the new black series imperial officers! Now on to the Grand Admiral Thrawn 3.75 animated figure!!!!!
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    TK1571 reacted to Mitthrawnuruodo in General Veers find   
    The Veers figure is awesome, it's mainly because of that figure that is driving me to finally buy the AT-AT Commander armor.
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    TK1571 reacted to TK31778 in Transport Security Officer HELP!   
    Thanks, TK-1571! I found that group after posting this up and am looking now!
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    TK1571 reacted to LindsayL in Officer Themed Patch Jackets   
    Yep, I added some flowers to girly it up, that and I just like flowers so why not.

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    TK1571 reacted to Steven in Officer Themed Patch Jackets   
    That's my version of an IOC Jacket:

    Subtle but elegant   
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    TK1571 reacted to Hask in Officer Themed Patch Jackets   
    My IOC flight Jacket

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    TK1571 reacted to Ithilnar in When the old canon meets the new one   
    Wait, who is Bevel Lemelisk? He did what? Built MY Death Star?
    With my friend, Magdalena 'Cathia' Kozłowska (ID-34500)

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    TK1571 reacted to WhiteWalker in Be careful out there Krennic’s!   

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    TK1571 reacted to mobius in Just a little Photoshop experiment. Staff Officer.   
    Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time posing, trying to get good shots for my trading cards for Celebration. Decided to play around a bit with one of the pics. Not to be narcissistic I think this one came out great. 
    tradingback by 
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