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  1. 1 hour ago, Theblueguy808 said:



    Sorry, Tom, but saying any named officer needs a CRL then saying not every named officer needs a CRL in the same post sounds too much like a double standard. That doesn't sit right with me. What is unique about the costume to warrant a separate CRL? Truly unique. There isn't much in my eyes. To do a named character has always been to base the Executor and Imperator certification on the character. every CRL in the legion has something unique about them. Something that sets them apart from others. Unfortunately, there isn't anything unique about most officer costumes. That isn't the fault of the IOC. That is by design of the costume department of the production.


    After reading the progress on this multiple times and maybe this should be an extended conversation elsewhere, but from what I'm reading it's seeming more and more that this conversation is less and less about the actual costume and more about the fact that the character is female. Which bothers me. When did we start including gender into the creation of a new CRL?


    Maybe it's because I'm a male but I have never seen any backlash over female CRL's. The principle that has been for IOC CRL creations has always been based on unique details in a character's costume. Director Isard for example. A very unique costume due to the red tunic and trousers. Then there's Thrawn and the Rebel's Thrawn compared to other GAs. Again, unique compared to others. Dedra Meero getting her own CRL just because she's female is sexist.


    The 501st as a whole should not start the precedent of judging the person's appearance or gender. Only the costume and how it fits on the body. That is all and how it always should be. That's why we have a female as the CRL for the Rebels Era Thrawn right? Gender equality should always be present, but we shouldn't arbitrarily favor one over the other. If there truly is something unique in the costume by all means please find it, hunt it down, bring it to light and write the CRL and I'll rejoice as hard as anyone because I love to see new CRLs completed and hard work rewarded. But let's do it right first.


    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong or if I misunderstand something... and please don't misunderstand my opposition for discrimination. Sexual discrimination disturbs me greatly.

    I appreciate you feedback, but respectfully, I do think you misunderstood my post above. 


    The main reason I think she should have a CRL is not because she's a woman. Its because she's the main antagonist in the Andor series. What I meant is that not every background officer with one or no lines needs a CRL. But if they are a main character, I believe that's enough to warrant a CRL. Again, Dedra is not a background character, she's the main villain of the show and probably will be for the next season. That's why myself and others believe she needs a CRL. 


    As a stated a few post above, we recently had a few members voice that the IOC CRLs were not diverse enough, its a public post. While it doesn't specifically address the issue raised in the post, having a Dedra CRL would help the situation I believe, however, it was not my only reason for her have a CRL. I don't like sexual discrimination either, I assure you of that. But I fail to see how providing more representation equals discrimination. I pointed out that Dedra is a the first onscreen female lead officer in a Star Wars IP, that's a true statement and only one of my points.


    We're now also learning her uniform is designed differently. This hasn't stopped us in the past. ANH Staff and Non Saga Staff are the same thing with different stitching. Which is totally fine! 


    This whole discussion started because someone wanted to make a Dedra CRL and they were denied. No one should be opposed to more CRLs. Just look at the Clone Trooper Detachment, they'll make a new CRL for minor variations and that's totally fine! The more the merrier! At the end of the day, I just want more CRLs. Yes, they need to be done right with proper references, I agree. I believe Dedra deserves one for multiple reason, not just because she's a female. 


    Yes, I would be open to continuing this conversion elsewhere. 

  2. 2 hours ago, kman said:


    "Dedra can't be done at the moment."


    What does that mean?

    This CRL system where one CRL can be the base for any officer isn't being promoted truthfully. Whether that's intentional or unintentional I'm not sure.


    You can't say that the ISB CRL can be used to get approved as any named officer. Taking Dedra's configuration and applying as ISB doesn't make you Dedra, it makes you ISB. These face characters need separate CRLs if you want to be officially approved as that character. Otherwise your just a generic officer with a character's configuration. 


    For example, I can't go to my GML and say, "I'm Dedra, but I'm applying as ISB". I'm going to get listed as ISB officially. When the DL said, "Deedra Meero CAN be done this moment with the existing CRL.", it's not true. So I said "Dedra can't be done at the moment." I hope my explanation above makes sense. 

    Obviously, not every named officer needs a CRL. I'm also for adding more rank bars and configurations to the generic CRLs, that's fine.  But Dedra is a main villain, she is more than worthy of a CRL. It doesn't matter that she uses the same parts of ISB. Besides, we are quickly learning her uniform is slightly altered. 


    As a side note, I also don't appreciate the hesitation of this detachment to make CRLs. For an administration that claims to be so pro CRL and costume creation, there was certainly an effort made to shut this one down immediately. I'm sure it would have if myself and others didn't step in to protest. You don't need group interest to make a CRL. If only ONE person is willing to put in the work, let them make the CRL, they have that right. It isn't up to the DL to pick and choice what is made.  

  3. 3 hours ago, buckrogersbarker said:

    Deedra Meero CAN be done this moment with the existing CRL.  But if you want to have a separate CRL just for her with the same available parts, I will put that forward to the LMO office to vote on.  And we will pursue it through the normal process as you put your costume together.

    Dedra can't be done at the moment. You can use her configuration, but most the ISB officers had that same one. At the end of the day, you'll just be approved as ISB. The GML is going to approve you as ISB.


    Glad you decided to listen to the membership.

  4. I respectfully disagree. I think characters/officers that play a significant role in these stories deserve a CRL. That includes people like Tarkin. I've never heard this sentiment voiced in any other administration but this one. 


    At the end of the day when you go to the GML, you will not be approved as Dedra, you will be ISB. No matter what is said or promoted here.


    It's a good system, for background officers sure. But you won't be approved as that Officer, you'll just be line, staff, or ISB with that named character configuration.


    This is one of the first on screen imperial officer female leads, and not giving her a CRL is a disservice to our female members here in the IOC and the legion as whole. You have the interest, let the CRL be made. 



  5. 1 hour ago, SkySith said:

    I would also like to see some distinction with the Andor ISB officers. I am doing extensive research to do a Dedra Meero, but would like it to double as a standard ISB non-saga. The problem is that since I am having mine custom done by MazKave, as well, and all my accessories will pass Tier 3 standards, I want the tunic and boots to, as well.


    However, Dedra and the other ISB officers in Andor do not have the curved top riding boot, as specified in the CRL for Tier 3 - in fact, all the ISB officers with their boots clearly visible in Andor do have the straight-across boot top, and it appears the flap, as well. Also, in the scene where she is putting on her tunic, the seam around the middle which the belt is supposed to cover seems absent. This detail is also required for ISB non-saga Tier 3.


    There seems to be a disconnect between the current ISB non-saga CRL and the way the uniforms are presented in Andor. This mostly applies to higher-level approvals, but as someone who would very much like a double approval as a generic AND face character, and higher-tier approvals, these discrepancies pose an issue.


    Edit: I am looking at my screenshots again and it does not appear Dedra has the flaps on the side. But I will have to examine more closely.

    All very excellent points Sara! 

  6. You'll want to aim for a gray-green fabric. 


    Avoid Cossky or any Amazon uniforms, they're color is not correct for line officers. 


    Wampawear is better, but that color is off as well. 


    You'll want anovos or mazcave for sub $500 uniforms. After that you get into high end $1000+ territory.


    There's a comparison photo floating around here somewhere. 


    Hope this helps!

  7. I'd personally be in favor of a CRL for her. I think at a certain point, main characters like this should get a CRL. 


    Also gives us the opportunity to have some more female CRL representation, something a few members called for not to long ago.


    Just my two cents. 

  8. Forum Members,


    Users who are 501st members requesting a change of access please kindly request it on the forum. Please do not message staff members for access.


    Please use the forum and post your request there:


    You must include a link to your 501st page as per below, else your request will not be processed:



    You can use this website to find your 501st page:



    Status Key:


    Member= non 501st

    501st= 501st Legion

    IOC Member[IOC]= IOC approved outfit 

  9. Hello again!


    I'm in search of IOC members who can speak French and Italian!


    As part of the IOC forum revamp, we added the embassies. These are sections where prospective and current members can communicate in their preferred languages. Volunteers are needed to translate and rewrite important threads. For example, Level 2 and 3 info thread or IOC vendor lists. As well as an about thread regarding what the embassy is. Here are the languages needed: 





    While preferred, you do not need to be from the country where the language is spoken, as long as you are fluent. 


    The ball has started to roll on the new sections so I need some helpers before we get to far into the project! 


    If you are willing to help, please message me or comment here! 

    Thank you,


  10. On 10/3/2022 at 10:14 AM, ID59919 said:

    Buenas tardes, Soy Juan Manuel de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
    Soy voluntario para ayudar a este destacamento a realizar las traducciones al español que necesiten. Muchas gracias y quedo atento por este medio o a mi mail personal (jmchevascodiaz@gmail.com)



    Good afternoon, I am Juan Manuel from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I'm volunteering to help this detachment doing the Spanish translations they need. Thank you very much and I remain attentive by this topic or to my personal email (jmchevascodiaz@gmail.com)



    16 hours ago, buckrogersbarker said:

    @Eagle I think Juan here may be able to help.



    I'm currently not working on the forums at the moment due to the hurricane that just passed through. 

    But if you message me your Facebook account, Ill add you to our group chat! 


    Thank you for volunteering, 


  11. As far as I'm aware no one makes them in metal. 


    You can get a merr sonn p5 in metal. If you buy the replica Mauser pistol off denix and modify it. However, I tried this and I don't recommend it. It ended up being too heavy for trooping and it was a pain to make. 


    I know some troopers will fill their blaster prints with dense filler to give it weight. In your case, ide recommend you do that.


    Also if you can find a rubber blaster, they have a good weight and they don't break if dropped. All my blasters are rubber, they are better than prints in my opinion. 


    Hope this helps!

  12. Attention officers,


    For anyone wondering what the various logos, bars, and titles to the left of posts is all about, this is the thread for you!


    User Ranks 

    Rank is determined by user post count and are achieved at the following milestones:

    pip_Private.png.99d00f2405f508dac885d4bf5a7ef2d6.png Cadet: 0 Posts

    pip_Corporal.png.93dc5fc7e37f5f2030943e85e41be196.png Ensign: 25 Posts

    pip_Sergeant.png.30d40bb94e4a5054049f7469fd1a4c1b.png Lieutenant J.G.: 50 Posts

    pip_Captain.png.3f4e3e833ebbccd787655dd00e2ff1b3.png Lieutenant: 100 Posts 

    pip_Lieutenant.png.0246773723c3ebf96772e9b746e70f1b.png Lieutenant Commander: 150 Posts

    pip_Major.png.5ffeb4bcb6ed9633f565c453027c0a4f.png.2511f50581a0ec27a72245d321f019ee.png Commander: 250 Posts

    pip_Commander.png.8f829c9aacd51a630c793186e5a5979d.png.d190fdb92b90f71751906c8382d43238.png Captain: 500 Posts

    pip_Commodore.png.a08c47526b5dd9de0119bdddf4ca81e2.png Rear Admiral: 1000 Posts

    pip_ViceAdmiral1.png.184a7a6c92f903179bd32a5cd6a08112.png.e5888ecee04356a5c394bfb193bef5c2.png Vice Admiral: 1500 Posts

    2114092220_pip_GrandMoff-Copy.png.03c5d737c8f4cb318f390a3d2223f893.png.be7be48e86f541da7ccd11744cc80fe3.png Admiral: 2000 Posts

    Untitledddd.png.8bf88bc748b5f08809f594698361cb5a.png Grand Moff: 3000 Posts

    pip_supreme_leader.png.b9ad18f3b6951f2c4a8bd9ad88c79291.png.abfaea500da77a773616440b34a766be.png.df396bc33be033d34a2c5cf406daf5d1.png Supreme Leader: 7000 Posts 


    Troop Milestones

    By logging troops in the Hall of Commemoration, members will receive awards at the following troop milestones: 

    troopingaward25.png.61f3bc3397e6cd98e34299db20d77758.png First Milestone: 25 Troops 

    troopingaward50.png.429273dc03e88581b259ae5fd8505f88.png Second Milestone: 50 Troops 

    troopingaward75.png.264b5ad2de0d11febb5571b72f51ac51.png Third Milestone: 75 Troops 

    troopingaward100.png.9083f854e8aa3cb641e36b81646a2cf1.png Forth Milestone: 100 Troops

    troopingaward150.png.1b92cb7a52116df6d92336015a710218.png Fifth Milestone: 150 Troops

    troopingaward200.png.8a2075007c9eed0467d9a8746008903b.png Sixth Milestone: 200 Troops 

    troopingaward300.png.cf3a3676cea8c0a39e3e5db0468dcd23.png Seventh Milestone: 300 Troops 


    Executor Award 

    Earned by achieving Level 2 standards on a costume. This award can be given for multiple costumes.   



    Imperator Award

    Earned by achieving Level 3 standards on a costume. This award can be given for multiple costumes.   



    Staff Service Award

    The Staff Service Award is granted to recognize the contributions of IOC Command Staff for their commitment to the detachment. Each award represents a full year of service.



    Service Stars

    Service Stars are awarded to members who achieve the same award more then once. 4 Service Stars can be on a ribbon at once. Stars are as follow:

    1 Bronze Star = 2 Awards

    1 Silver Star = 5 Bronze Stars

    1 Gold Star = 5 Silver Stars



    imperator3.jpg.b814e64b68949841cda6c55f4564793c.jpg Third Award

    command8.jpg.1d47e97bc794ddd817e14d249ab00ab5.jpg Eighth Award

    executor10.jpg.4badf8cd413ce8953fbb5e3bfe69e6db.jpg Tenth Award


    Service stars apply to the following awards:

    -Executor Award (Per Costume)

    -Imperator Award (Per Costume)

    -Staff Service Award (Annual) 


    Exceptions, while rare, have been made in the past for members who exceed the max amount of stars on an award. Message a staff member for more info if needed. 

  13. Hello!


    I'm in search of IOC members who can speak different languages and who can volunteer their time to the detachment! 


    As part of the IOC forum revamp, we added the embassies. These are sections where prospective and current members can communicate in their preferred languages. Volunteers are needed to translate and rewrite important threads. For example, Level 2 and 3 info thread or IOC vendor lists. As well as an about thread regarding what the embassy is. Here are the languages needed: 






    While preferred, you do not need to be from the country where the language is spoken, as long as you are fluent. 


    If you are willing to help, please message me or comment here! 

    Thank you,


  14. The ANH Tunic will either have to be made by you or you'll have to find a seamstress to make one. I don't know any makers off the top of my head that make one. Once you do find a seamstress, its usually pretty expensive. It's a more niche costume, so not many people offer it. Might I suggest the this one instead: 




    The name swaps make it a little confusing, but its the same character. In my opinion, you'll want to make the non saga if your goal is to troop, less hassle. The non saga officer's uniforms are readily available and are very affordable! From what I'm reading you want something quick and easy, this is the route I would take. :)


    Here are two vendors:









    Hope this helps!

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