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    Phillip got a reaction from kman in Why did you come to the 501st?   
    I thought I should reply here cause I have a bit of a sappy story. Bear with me.
    I just turned 18 in January of this year, and my graduation... sucked. I thought my make-up present to myself would be joining up with the 501st, who I've held the highest respect for ever since I was four.
    In 2006, I attended a football party with my dad, and the way I like to tell it is "I ate the cookies." Twelve hours later I'm rushed to the emergency room, put on an IV and left alone in a dark hospital room with no one else around me. My blood had turned to sludge, and the I was losing so much fluids somehow that they had to change the IV every thirty minutes. My father was also ill, in the room next door. But as I laid there, in the morning, I heard this voice, sounding like it was coming from a trash compactor. First I heard my dad go crazy. Then in came the first bucket-head I ever saw. Behind him, an officer stood, and even though he came in a-trooping, there was a genuine care in his eyes I can't forget.
    They came by the bed, and sat there, and asked me what my favorite star wars movie was(I couldn't answer since I hadn't watched them yet). The trooper chuckled, and asked the nurse at the door if they had a copy of A New Hope. They wheeled in a TV cart with a VHS and popped in Star Wars, and watched the first hour with me. I remember pointing at Vader and going "Scary!" The officer said, "Yeah, he scares me too." Now, I figure that's an Episode V reference, but even so, makes me chuckle.
    I never met them again. I don't even know their names. But to this day, I remember their kindness. Where I work now, we have a saying: "We Stand for Something Good." It's our mission statement, and I believe wholeheartedly. I believe this organization also Stands for Something Good, because I've been impacted by it directly. They not only brought me into Star Wars, where I've now chatted with Billy Dee Williams, performed with John Williams, and met Anthony Daniels(Phew, not another Williams), but also made me believe that just a simple kindness, like bringing in a cart with a movie, can help someone who didn't understand what was going on or why the doctors always looked so grave.
    Thank you for helping me then. Thank you for letting me a part of this now.
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    Phillip got a reaction from TK1571 in We Have a Youtube Channel?!   
    Hey guys!
    Coming back from a funeral, I felt a little upset, so to make myself feel better, I did what any self-respecting star wars fan does: watch other star wars fans dress up as their favorite characters in parades. I went to eat dinner, and found suddenly I'm watching videos from an official 501st youtube channel!
    This lead me to a single question...
    I've included a link at the end of this for those who also are unaware of this. I'm watching the Spec Ops and Pathfinders detachments go through their costumes and CRLs, I see Kylo Ren reading a star wars story, and what hurts the most is that most of these videos have less than 100 views! 
    This is a wonderful resource that we should make plainly available here on the IOC, and I really hope to see some IOC videos get published as well!
    Not to throw shade at any detachment, but the biggest reason I went Officer and not Death Trooper was because I couldn't actually find the SpecOps forums... I asked and no one would help me with my link issues...
    So, who else thinks that the youtube channel should be posted SOMEWHERE here? What kind of videos can members(Cause I still got some time before I submit) begin dreaming up? Do you need music for them(Please say yes)? And where is the video about how IOC is the best detachment?
    Thanks guys!
    Note: Any indignation or ingratitude expressed above is purely for comedic purposes and is not in any way reflective of actual resentment held by the speaker. Except for the IOC being the best. That's objective fact.
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RPXPnp77ytAiOO5i___GQ
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    Phillip got a reaction from AmadorHimself in Officer's Trivia - Week One!   
    Scores and Answers
    Congratulations to our two participants this week! Fantastic answers, and I had a blast reading through them. However, it is now time for the answers to our questions. After those will be the scores.
    Crewmember Level
    1. Which of the Following Officers did not canonically die?
    d) General Veers
    2. In the ANH scene where Tarkin announces the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, who is thought to wear the white tunic?
    b) Colonel Yularen
    3. The first time we see him canoncially, he is a Captain.
    d) Tarkin
    4. This Imperial Admiral was a casualty of his own ambition in Star Wars: Rebels.
    a) Konstantine
    5. Which of the following officers was not present at any point during the Battle of Hoth?
    d) Tarkin
    Officer Level
    6. In ANH, Tarkin is officially the head of which section of the galaxy?
    d) Outer Rim
    7. What is the name of the Imperial Academy Thrawn has Gimm transfered to?
    d) Skystrike
    8. What is the highest military rank a clone is seen serving as?
    a) Captain
    Grand Admiral Level
    Free Response Questions
    9. Which Clone Battalion Commanding Officer is the ONLY one seen in the entire TCW series wearing a Republic Officers Uniform?
    This one was intended to be tough. The ONLY Clone Battalion Commanding Officer we see in a standard officer uniform is Commander Wolfe, in the Malevolence arc. While we see other clones in officer or off-duty uniforms, none of them are confirmed as battalion commanders. 
    Also, yes, I realized I misspelled "Battalion" in the original thread. 
    10. What rank was the officer arresting Luke Skywalker wearing in ROTJ?
    Commander is the answer for this one. While the Empire is notorious for being inconsistent in their ranking system, here it is confirmed by Lord Vader canonically.
    And the winner is...
    AmadorHimself! Congratulations on a score of 9/10!
    Glory530 came second, with a score of 7/10.
    Thank you, both of you, for participating in the opening week's trivia! Stay tuned for the next release later today(Possibly tomorrow cause I got called into work early).
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    Phillip got a reaction from Glory530 in Officer's Trivia - Week One!   
    Yes! Someone else who believes the answer to everything is Bob!
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