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  1. Hello, I'm Andrew Biederman, ID-34365.  I've been looking for better fabric for my next iteration of my Admiral.  I have a Cosplaysky Admiral that I've been trooping for a couple years now.  It's good enough to have been approved of course, but I'm ready to step it up.  I've seen your name referenced all over the place here for a fabric order that happened.  If there is another run happening anytime soon, I'd really like to get in on it.  If not, could you help me/direct me to the source so I can get some myself?


    I've already purchased two other batches, but I'm not perfectly happy with them.  I've got another batch of Cosplaysky fabric, and I've purchased another batch from a fabric place in New York City when I was there on vacation.  I thought that might be the stuff, but  people are telling me it is too dark. (You probably know as well as anyone that it is nearly impossible to correctly identify this color in any particular lighting situation, so I admit it was a gamble to buy it myself)


    All of that is to say that a reliable way to source the correct fabric would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hello...just wondering if you made your rank badge or did you get it from a vendor?

    1. Paggeldiwwer


      Hi there, I got my rank badge from Klaus Frässstüberl (you'll find it on Facebook) and drilled the small holes out by myself. Klaus does a wonderful Job on the badges, the belts and the discs.

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